Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Three types of Strange Flames

Ye Yu Xi looked at Qing’er who had also said she wouldn’t quit.  She wanted to speak, but Qing’er spoke before she could.

“I want to become strong!  I don’t want to become the young miss’ burden!”  Qing’er’s expression had an indescribable seriousness to it.  The words she said also represented the other two people’s hearts.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and said nothing else.

“These things, each person gets one set.  You are not allowed to use spiritual energy and you must run with all your strength for one hour.”  Ye Yu Xi pointed to a set of sand leg weights by the wall. Each set was around forty-fifty pounds each.

If they had support from spiritual energy, these people could wear these and run without any problems.  But when they weren’t using spiritual energy, even the fatty with the highest cultivation would find this hard.

The fatty and the others did the most basic physical training in the yard.  Ye Yu Xi sat in the living room and took out a book on heaven and earth treasure from the chaotic space to read.

“Un?  There are actually things like Strange Flames?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the description in the ancient book.  The so called Strange Flames were a special kind of flame alchemists could wield.  There were three kinds of flames, Heavenly Spirit Flames, Earthly Spirit Flames, and Beast Spirit Flames.

Each flame had a different name based on their characteristics.

Of the three, the Beast Spirit Flames were the weakest and the Heavenly Spirit Flames were the strongest, but each kind was still incomparably strong.  According to the records in the ancient book, with a Strange Flame, one could raise the success of their alchemy refinement. Even in a pinch, the Strange Flame could be used as a weapon in a fight.

Most of the alchemists with high cultivations on the Purple Cloud Continent would look for Strange Flames.  With a lot of luck and narrowly escaping danger, they could obtain the recognition of a Earthly Spirit Flame and obtain one.  Most people would conquer a demon beast with a Beast Spirit Flame and forcefully take the Beast Spirit Flame for themselves.

As for the legendary Heavenly Spirit Flame, even if it has appeared once or twice in the past ten thousand years, there hasn’t been anyone that had succeeded in refining it.


On the street outside the City Lord’s palace.

Two rows of maids were standing at the door, as if they were welcoming a guest.

An enchanting woman came off the horse carriage.  Her chin was slightly raised and a proud expression was on her face.

“Greetings madame.”  The two row of servants called out.

The one being called madame naturally was not City Lord Yang’s legal wife, but rather his concubine.  But most of the City Lord palace’s power fell into her hand. The people beneath could only call her madame, half willingly and half being forced by her.

The City Lord’s concubine looked at the procession in front of the City Lord’s palace and nodded her head in satisfaction.  It was as if she was saying, this is the treatment I deserve.

When the City Lord’s concubine looked over the people standing in front of the gate and she knit her brows.  She asked Housekeeper Li respectfully standing on the side, “Why can’t I see Xiao Wei?”

Housekeeper Li heard the concubine’s question and lowered his head as if he had done something wrong.  He said in a submissive voice, “Madame, the young master…..”

“Is he playing in the Floating Fragrance House again?  This child, being this vibrant from such a young age…..”  The concubine smiled and shook her head.

“Madame, please have mercy.  Forgive me for not being able to properly protect the young master.”  Housekeeper Li kowtowed on the floor.

The two rows of servants followed after him.

“Un?  What’s wrong!  What happened to Xiao Wei?”  The concubine looked at them and realized something.

Housekeeper Li remained on the floor and carefully said, “The young master, the young master was beaten by someone!”

“What!”  The concubine flew into a rage.  Xiao Wei grown up to be this old and even she couldn’t bear to beat him once.  What person dared to beat her child! In Ningyuan City, there was actually someone who dared to go against their City Lord’s palace!

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