Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 575

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Chapter 575: Flame Ginseng (Part 3)

Bai Jin Yi had one hand on Ye Yu Xi’s waist and the other hand was holding Ye Yu Xi’s chest in order to stop her from falling……

“This, the situation is very tight, I wasn’t paying attention…..I wasn’t paying attention.”  Bai Jin Yi had a somewhat awkward expression. It was true this time! The situation just now was too tight, so his hands could only grab easy to hold places while running!

But…..Seeing Ye Yu Xi’s expression, no matter how Bai Jin Yi explained it, she definitely wouldn’t believe him.

“Un?  Where’s Huo Ling?”  Bai Jin Yi looked around and didn’t see a trace of Huo Ling.  In just a little while, Huo Ling had actually disappeared.

“Huo Ling?  Where is he?”  Ye Yu Xi also looked around as she talked to Huo Ling in her mind.

“Master?  You’re not dead, that’s great.  This treasure is…..This treasure is…..master, I’ll tell you later.”

Ye Yu Xi heard Huo Ling’s voice…..It seemed like he was eating something……

“He should be nearby, look around.”  Ye Yu Xi softly said to Bai Jin Yi.

They looked at the Lava Scarlet Sun Snake under them, that giant snake was already going wild.  After this tantrum, perhaps the several mountains around here would be ruined.

But this was already not something Bai Jin Yi could care about.  In this world, it followed the law of the jungle.

Remembering the direction Huo Ling flew off in, Bai Jin Yi flew over in that direction.

Finally, after flying over several mountains, they found traces of Huo Ling on a cliff.

Huo Ling was on a cliff, being surrounded by several bare rocks that had no plants on them.

That flame red Flame Ginseng was placed by Huo Ling’s feet and he was currently forcefully pecking at it……

“Ke, ke!  Huo Ling, what are you doing?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Huo Ling and asked him this in a soft voice.

When Huo Ling heard Ye Yu Xi’s voice, his feathers all jumped up.  He spread his two little wings and protected the Flame Ginseng.

Huo Ling chirped as he said to Ye Yu Xi, “This was found by this treasure, you can’t steal it from me~~”

Ye Yu Xi was speechless, she at least knew why Huo Ling was so keen before…..His little bit of intelligence was used on this……

“This herb is yours, I don’t need it.”  Ye Yu Xi gave Huo Ling some assurance.

“Master, you really are great.  No wonder Bai Jin Yi likes you.”  Huo Ling spoke in a very polite and grateful voice.

“If you say that again, do you believe I won’t take that Flame Ginseng away!”

“Wu…..Master, I was wrong…..It’s master who likes Bai Jin Yi and Bai Ji Yi doesn’t like master.”  Huo Ling saw that Ye Yu Xi was about to explode and his voice sounded a bit aggrieved, “Master…..Was this treasure wrong again?”

Huo Ling saw that Ye Yu Xi wasn’t speaking and after a bit of thought, he made a very correct decision.  He took the Flame Ginseng and went into the chaotic space to eat his meal.


“How long are you planning on staying here?”  Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi were resting by a small stream.  The two had caught some fish that they were planning to roast and eat.

“Around a month will be enough.”  Ye Yu Xi calculated the time in her heart.  After a few months, it would be the seventh prince’s wedding.  When the time comes, she still had to give him a large present!

But before that, she had to save Qing’er and the others.

Ye Yu Xi grabbed a fish and went beside the stream to gut it before holding it in her hand to wash it.


Ye Yu Xi’s attention was attracted by something in the stream.

She used her Dark Poison God’s Art and her palm sucked in, causing the thing in the stream to come to Ye Yu Xi’s hand.

It was a cloth and it was stained with blood.

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