Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 546

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Chapter 546: Angering the fourth elder (Part 2)

“Big sister Yu Xi, do you have any plans?”

Sitting in their room, Dongfang Bing Ya took the initiative to discuss what they should do next with Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi tapped her finger on the table and thought over what had happened.  If there were tricks being played, the fourth elder was the most suspicious. But based on what they saw just now, the fourth elder should only be coveting the position of sect master.

“Let’s take a look at night, let’s rest for now.”  Ye Yu Xi stopped the movement of her finger.

“Bing Ya, Bing Ya?  Are you there?”

When they were discussing this, Taba Ying Bo’s voice came from outside.

When Dongfang Bing Ya heard this voice, she rolled her eyes and looked like she had had enough.

“He, he, Bing Ya, it seems like your senior brother has set his heart on you.  Even if you hide here, he can find you.” Ye Yu Xi looked at Dongfang Bing Ya with eyes filled with smiles.

Dongfang Bing Ya let out a long breath, “I’ll go and send him off.  Big sister Yu Xi, young master Bai, rest up properly. Master’s illness will all depend on you.”

Dongfang Bing Ya stood up and Taba Ying Bo’s voice gradually went further away.

“When we were outside the room, what did you find?”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi.

“Inside her body, there is a spiritual energy that has sealed her heart, causing her to fall into a coma.”  Bai Jin Yi softly said. This kind of symptom, for trash like Qian Yi De, he definitely wouldn’t understand it, but for Bai Jin Yi, it was as simple as blinking.

“It, shouldn’t be that easy.”

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes sparkled.  Spiritual energy…..If it was just spiritual energy, after a few months, it should have scattered.

Bai Jin Yi nodded, “We were a bit far, so the real situation can’t be seen with just mental energy.”

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  It seemed like they could only go over at night and investigate.


When evening came, Dongfang Bing Ya brought two boxes over with food and wine inside.

The three of them chatted while eating.

“Bing Ya, I’ve thought about it.  We should still make contact with that fourth elder and see if we can find any useful information.”  Ye Yu Xi simply ate a few mouthfuls before putting down her chopsticks.

“Un, that’s fine, but I feel that the fourth elder won’t let us approach.”

Dongfang Bing Ya understood the fourth elder’s personality very well.

“That’s fine, you just have to bring us over.  As for him, naturally I have my ways.” Ye Yu Xi revealed a mysterious smile.

Dongfang Bing Ya brought Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi to the main hall and a disciple went in to report.

“Fourth elder, senior sister Bing Ya and her two friends are here for an audience.”

“Un?  Why are they here?”

The fourth elder looked over at Qian Yi De and the two had strange looks in their eyes.

“Let them come in.”  The fourth elder waved his hand.  With Qian Yi De, he had to at least act like a senior.

“Fourth elder, coming to bother you at night, I hope I didn’t disturb your rest.”

Ye Yu Xi came in with a different attitude compared to before, speaking first.

“You didn’t bother us, but young miss Ye, how was your wandering during the day?”  The fourth elder had a smile on his face, but he looked like an old fox.

“The Blue Jade Peak’s scenery isn’t bad, but some people are a bit arrogant.”  Ye Yu Xi came to the center of the hall and didn’t sit down.

“Miss Ye, what do you mean by your words?  The fourth elder is several decades older than you!  Your tone, it seems to be a bit lacking in respect!” Qian Yi De looked down as he spoke, pretending to enjoy his tea.

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