Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 547

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Chapter 547: Angering the fourth elder (Part 3)

“I only know that there is no first or last in martial arts, whoever reaches the peak first is the senior.  On the Purple Cloud Continent, everything is decided with strength!” Ye Yu Xi gathered her aura. With each word, her aura became a bit stronger.


The fourth elder’s face instantly sunk.  If they weren’t in the sect, with Ye Yu Xi’s words and the fourth elder’s personality, he would have directly made his move.

“Miss Ye, based on the fact that you are Bing Ya’s friend, I’ll ignore some things.  However, you should not push your luck! Do you really think my Blue Jade Peak is the same as that Ningyuan City!”  The fourth elder’s eyes popped out, like he wanted to eat Ye Yu Xi alive.

“Giving me face?  I only know that face is earned and not given by others.”  Ye Yu Xi’s lips had a trace of disdain as she continued to provoke the anger of these old fellows.

“Good, good!  I never thought that my Blue Jade Peak would be taught a lesson by a little girl.  Hearing miss Ye’s words, do you want to fight our Blue Jade Peak?!” The fourth elder spoke with a cold smile.

“Fight?  I’ve walked around your Blue Jade Peak and to be honest, the strength of your Blue Jade Peak’s people aren’t that much.”  Ye Yu Xi controlled the aura she released, but her tone became more wild.

“I never thought that with strength in the third-fourth spiritual layer, you dare act this wild.  In Ningyuan City, your cultivation among the younger generation isn’t bad, but in my Blue Jade Peak, this bit of strength is far from enough!  Someone! Call Ying Bo over!”

The fourth elder gave an order to the disciple outside with a cold voice before he looked back at Ye Yu Xi, “Since young miss Ye is this confident, you can compare notes with my disciple.  Ying Bo is around the same age as you, so you can’t say I’m bullying the young.”

“Master!  Master Qian!”

After a while, Taba Ying Bo came in and gave a bow as soon as he did.

“Ying Bo, this miss Ye has come here today to ask for advice from our Blue Jade Peak, so spar a few rounds with her.  Have some discretion, she is still our guest, so don’t harm her.”

The fourth elder looked at his most important disciple and gave him a bit of advice.  It was like this advice was given to Ye Yu Xi.


Ye Yu Xi suddenly raised her hand when they were about to fight.

“What is it?  Miss Ye, are you regretting this?”  The fourth elder looked at Ye Yu Xi in front of him.

Ye Yu Xi looked over Qian Yi De to the side, “Where is the fun in just fighting.  I wonder if the fourth elder is willing to make a bet with this little girl?”

“Miss Ye, I advise you to correct your identity.  With trivial strength in the third spiritual level, you really think you are an alchemist?”  Qian Yi De saw Ye Yu Xi’s appearance and it was like he was talking to himself, while also advising Ye Yu Xi.

“Oh?”  Ye Yu Xi raised a brow.  She wanted to ignore him, but now he sent himself to the door.

“It seems like master Qian’s meaning is that only alchemists are qualified to speak to the fourth elder.  Or perhaps, fourth elder, are you afraid?” Ye Yu Xi said this while revealing a taunting smile.

“Humph!  I’ll go along with you!  What is the bet, tell me!”  The fourth elder angrily revealed a smile and he calmed his voice.

“It’s very simple, if I win, for one day, I can go anywhere in the Blue Jade Peak and you can’t stop me.  If I lose, I’ll immediately leave the Blue Jade Peak. Master Qian, are you interested in betting?” Ye Yu Xi’s eyes swept over Qian Yi De’s finger and there was a sly look that flashed in her bright eyes.

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