Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 545

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Chapter 545: Angering the fourth elder (Part 1)

“That’s right, big sister Yu Xi, weren’t you looking for my master’s weapon?  It should be in the storage room, I’ll take you there.”

They couldn’t see her master now, so Dongfang Bing Ya thought of something else.

“There’s no rush with this matter.  We should find a chance to draw out their guards and let me see your master first.”  Ye Yu Xi was clear on this matter. Even if she found the weapon, it wouldn’t be certain she could find any clues.

Compared to that, it was better to think of a way to save Bing Ya’s master and directly ask them about what happened.

“Bing Ya’s master will be fine for now, let’s see the weapon first.”  Bai Jin Yi who hadn’t spoken the entire time suddenly cut in.

Ye Yu Xi looked at him with a strange gaze.  With Bai Jin Yi’s strength, Ye Yu Xi had to submit, so she nodded, “Let’s see the weapon first.”

Dongfang Bing Ya saw Ye Yu Xi’s appearance and a strange look appeared in her eyes.  She had known her big sister Yu Xi for many years and this was her first time seeing her this strangely obedient!

Without asking anything, Dongfang Bing Ya led the way.

“Bing Ya, for your sect to establish itself, it should have a sect array technique.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the surrounding mountains as she walked alone and the mountain they were only had a relatively isolated peak.  According to the ancient records, this kind of mountain was suited for a giant mountain guarding array.

“Un.”  Dongfang Bing Ya nodded as she recalled, “In the sect, there are a thousand resident disciples.  No matter what happens, those people won’t be sent out for missions and would remain in the sect.  Once something happens, these people can launch the mountain protecting array at will with the sect master’s orders and protect the sect.”

“A thousand people…..”  Ye Yu Xi repeated this in her mind.  This amount wasn’t small.

“That’s right, the missions you just talked about, what is that?”

“A sect has several thousand people and the daily expenses are very big.  So each sect has their own businesses just like mercenaries. There are some stores that the sect owns and will send people to manage them.  The people who are weaker are sent to manage the stores and the stronger ones will be sent out to kill some spirit beasts.”

Dongfang Bing Ya led the two of them around several corners before coming to a house.

“Senior sister Bing Ya.”

The guards saw Dongfang Bing Ya and lowered their head to greet her.

“It’s been hard on you two.  Open the door, I want to go in and get something.”

“Senior sister Bing Ya……Today……I’m afraid you can’t.”  The two disciples looked awkward.

“Un?  What is it!”  Dongfang Bing Ya unconsciously knew something was wrong.  These disciples wouldn’t say something like this to her.

“The fourth elder has given the order that before the sect master awakens, without his orders, no one is allowed in the storage room.”  The two disciples’ voices kept growing smaller……Before, Dongfang Bing Ya was the sect’s number one genius, so she had some special rights.

But now, Blue Jade Peak’s master had changed and Dongfang Bing Ya’s special rights had naturally disappeared.

“Bing Ya, let’s head back first.”

Ye Yu Xi saw that Dongfang Bing Ya was about to explode, so she quickly spoke up to stop her.

Bing Ya’s temper, compared to Ye Yu Xi, it was not much better.  However, Ye Yu Xi had increased her cultivation, so her mood was much more stable.

At least she wouldn’t start fighting at a single word.


Since they couldn’t enter the storage room, Dongfang Bing Ya prepared residences for Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi in the sect.

At Bai Jin Yi’s request, their rooms were close together…..

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