Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 544

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Chapter 544: You’re that Ye Yu Xi?

Hearing the words Ningyuan city, master Qian and the two other elders visibly relaxed a bit.

Ningyuan City, it was a main city that was already declining.  Although it was one of the five big cities, there were already no powerful forces there.  These people were worried at first that Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi were from a large force and they didn’t dare offend them, but now it seemed like they had been worried for nothing.

The fourth elder had the same idea as the other three, but the fourth elder also suddenly thought of something, “Ha, ha!  Ningyuan City! During the past two years, I kept bringing my disciples out to train and I passed through Ningyuan City in the past.  I’ve heard that there was a young miss of the Ye Family in Ningyuan City called Ye Yu Xi and her cultivation was just in the first spiritual level.”

When the fourth elder said this, Ye Yu Xi could feel the auras of the other three people covering her, testing her strength.

Ye Yu Xi sat there looking down, using her mental energy to suppress her spiritual energy fluctuations.  Her cultivation in the seventh spiritual level was instantly suppressed down to the third spiritual level.

“That’s right, the Ye Yu Xi you mentioned is me.  What, does the Blue Jade Peak’s hospitality care about the other side’s background?”  Ye Yu Xi picked up a teacup from the table and looked over it before putting it back in its original position.

The fourth elder revealed a smile, “What is young miss Ye saying, you are a guest from afar, not to mention you are Bing Ya’s friend.  Only…..the sect master is in a special situation and it isn’t convenient for them to see outsiders. I think, how about the two of you go around the sect with Bing Ya and we won’t trouble the two of you with the matter of healing someone.”

“Fourth elder!”  Dongfang Bing Ya stood up again and her eyes seemed to be shooting out flames.

The fourth elder would normally be eyeing the position of sect master, but she never thought that……

“Bing Ya, since the fourth elder has said this, we won’t disturb the discussion of the elders.  Bing Ya, the scenery on the mountain isn’t bad, take me around for a look.” Ye Yu Xi revealed a faint smile to Bing Ya before cupping her hands to the elders and leaving the hall.

“The two of you take your time.”  The fourth elder sat there and said some polite words, but he didn’t even stand up.

Watching the three of them leave, the smile on the fourth elder’s face became bigger.  He picked up the teacup from the table and softly said to master Qian, “We’ve let master Qian see a joke.”

Qian Yi De also picked up a teacup and took a sup of the tea.  His heart was filled with disdain towards Ye Yu Xi. She dared say she understood alchemy with a cultivation in the third spiritual level?  Who didn’t know that one had to be at least in the fifth spiritual level to be a first grade alchemist? Young people these days…..


“Big sister Yu Xi, that fourth elder!”

“Alright, Bing Ya.  I’m not angry, so why are you angry?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the angrily panting Dongfang Bing Ya beside her, so she spoke up to comfort her.

“No, big sister Yu Xi, you don’t know this, but that fourth elder has never gotten along with my master.  He even competed with my master for the sect master position back then. Now that my master is sick, the fourth elder is clearly planning to suppress us.”  Dongfang Bing Ya clenched her fist until it cracked.

“Alright, Bing Ya, if he really looks for trouble, we’ll just directly take care of him.  Only a cultivation in the seventh spiritual level and he thinks he’s invincible.” Ye Yu Xi gave a cold laugh.

The fourth elder and the others used their spiritual energy to investigate Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation, but Ye Yu Xi had long since moved past using such childish methods.  When they investigated Ye Yu Xi’s cultivation, she had also investigated their cultivation, but Ye Yu Xi used her mental energy.

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