Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 517

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Chapter 517: Silent care

Ye Yu Xi felt the exact opposite of Bai Jin Yi.

What Ye Yu Xi felt in this moment were waves and waves of pleasure assaulting the world in her mind.

As for Ye Yu Xi’s skin, there was a layer of pink that was out of her control.

Time passed by.  An hour for Bai Jin Yi was just like a year, but to Ye Yu Xi, it was a very comfortable experience.


The gold and turquoise flames gradually separated and covered the bodies of their respective masters.

The two completely different feelings in the minds of the two faded like the tide.


Dizziness!  Before they could even see the scene in front of them, there were waves of dizziness that filled Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s heads.

Everything turned dark and they left the cultivation technique.

Un humph!

This time, Ye Yu Xi unconsciously gave a moan, like the bliss in her mind had not completely disappeared.

Slowly opening her eyes, the obsessiveness in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes gradually disappeared and they slowly cleared.

Supporting herself up, she had returned into the chaotic space.

She looked at Bai Jin Yi in front of her.  Bai Jin Yi was still lying on the ground, showing no signs of waking up.

Ye Yu Xi stood up and found that her legs were numb, almost falling over onto Bai Jin Yi.

Picking up the jade slip from the ground, Ye Yu Xi rubbed it in her hand for a bit.  Her eyes were still looking at Bai Jin Yi on the ground.

Bai Jin Yi’s entire body was unconsciously shaking.

Ye Yu Xi saw Bai Jin Yi’s fingers move, which was followed by the sound of his breathing.

Bai Jin Yi took a deep breath.  Although most of the pain in his mind had disappeared, the influence the pain had still remained in Bai Jin Yi’s heart.  It was as if……his body was still filled with a great pain.

“What happened to you?”

Ye Yu Xi saw Bai Jin Yi’s appearance, he didn’t seem like he had experienced the same thing as her.  It was like he had experienced something very terrifying.

Bai Jin Yi stood up and took a few deep breaths.  He weakly said to Ye Yu Xi, “I’m fine, hu, hu.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi and felt it was a bit strange.

Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi and his raised heart came down a bit.  It seemed like Ye Yu Xi hadn’t experienced the same thing as him. Otherwise, the pain that he almost couldn’t withstand, Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t be acting like this after experiencing that.

“The two of you, what are the results of your cultivation?”  Long Xiao Pang saw the two of them stood up and he woke up.

In Long Xiao Pang’s heart, he was very expectant of which layer Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi could reach with this cultivation technique.

Of course, Long Xiao Pang dared to let Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi cultivate this cultivation technique that the Purple Cloud Continent feared because of one reason.  That was that…..with this dragon master here, it wouldn’t be easy if the two of them wanted to die.

Hearing Long Xiao Pang’s question, Ye Yu Xi looked over the changes with her body.  She had been in bliss the entire time, so she didn’t feel like she did any cultivating, but when she looked over her body, she felt that her body was much lighter compared to before.

“When I cultivated, I felt my body…..was very comfortable.  Now it feels like something about my body is different, but as for what it is…..I can’t say.”  Ye Yu Xi honestly told Long Xiao Pang.

Bai Jin Yi just shook his head.  Hearing what Ye Yu Xi said, Bai Jin Yi chose not to tell her what he had experienced.

There were some things…..men couldn’t talk about.  Thy would choose to silently bear it alone.

This was……a kind of silent care.

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