Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 516

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Chapter 516: Purple Cloud pain

Un humph!

A satisfying feeling passed through Ye Yu Xi’s mind as her body was still attached to Bai Jin Yi’s.

Their gold and turquoise flames kept moving faster, turning into a cloth made of flames.

With the flames becoming faster, the pleasure in Ye Yu Xi’s mind kept growing.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Ye Yu Xi couldn’t move, she would have been making unconscious moaning sounds.  This kind of feeling, it was joy that came from the depths of one’s soul.

As for Bai Jin Yi tightly stuck to Ye Yu Xi.

Bai Jin Yi was feeling the same intensity as Ye Yu Xi.

Un humph!

It could even be said that what Bai Jin Yi felt was even more intense than Ye Yu Xi’s!

Bai Jin Yi’s starry eyes looked at the blushing beauty in front of him, but his mind had no intention of enjoying it at all.

What Bai Jin Yi felt right now, it was first a strange itch that filled his body before it became tens of thousands of ants biting all over his body.  They kept drilling into him, biting his bones, meridians, muscles, and flesh.

All of this was so real, but…..Bai Jin Yi had no choice but to endure it!

The Exquisite Wonder Technique, it required a man and a woman to cultivate together.  One will enjoy the peak of bliss and the other will suffer this extreme bitterness.  

There was no doubt that with them being together, Ye Yu Xi was feeling bliss and Bai Jin Yi was feeling a pain normal people could not endure.

Bai Jin Yi honestly felt that when the Blood Poison in his body activated, it wasn’t as painful as this cultivation technique!


Outside the Exquisite Wonder Technique, inside the chaotic space.

Long Xiao Pang laid there with two feet sticking up, not being able to sleep at all.  Perhaps it was because he hadn’t eaten his fill of roasted lamb meat today.

Not being able to sleep, Long Xiao Pang simply gave up and sat up.

Taking a few steps, Long Xiao Pang swaggered over to Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s side.

Without knowing when, the two had collapsed from their cross legged sitting from the beginning.

Their hands had been touching the jade slip in the beginning, but it turned into tight grips at an unknown time.

Only…..there was a large difference between them.

Ye Yu Xi’s body twisted from time to time.

And Bai Jin Yi’s body kept slightly trembling.

Long Xiao Pang looked at them and didn’t feel surprised.  It was clear that Long Xiao Pang had already expected this reaction from them.

Seeing Bai Jin Yi’s convulsions, Long Xiao Pang revealed a deep smile.  He muttered in a voice filled with memories, “Purple Cloud’s pain. The Exquisite Wonder Technique, the people who cultivated will receive endless bliss.”

Long Xiao Pang looked at the jade slip and gave a sigh in his heart: In the past, there were countless experts fighting over the Exquisite Wonder Technique.  There were many geniuses that had died from cultivating this technique. The Seventh Exquisite Layer, each layer will increase the pleasure by a level. Conversely, it will also increase the suffering of the other person.

After the seventh layer, there will be a heavenly chance.

Only……In the history of the Purple Cloud Continent, there had never been anyone who had reached the seventh layer.

This Exquisite Wonder Technique, the reason why it was at the high earth grade was in large part because of this.

Long Xiao Pang looked at the two lying on the ground.  It wasn’t early, so he returned to his “bed” and narrowed his eyes, sticking up his legs again.


In the green world.

Bai Jin Yi felt that his entire soul was shaking.  This kind of feeling, it was even more terrifying than death!

Each second that passed, Bai Jin Yi felt tens of thousands of ants biting his entire body.  After that, the same feeling came again.

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