Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 518

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Chapter 518: Benefits of the Exquisite Wonder Technique

“Oh?  Quickly cycle your cultivation technique.”  A look of expectation appeared in Long Xiao Pang’s eyes.

Ye Yu Xi thought about it and walked over to the cauldron again.


A turquoise Beast Flame entered the cauldron.

Shua, shua, shua.

Ye Yu Xi’s palm quickly flew out.  When her palm came out, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes revealed obvious joy.  The spiritual energy was flowing more smoothly through her meridians.

Bai Jin Yi came to Long Xiao Pang’s side and watched Ye Yu Xi display the Hundred Flower Hands with him.


Bai Jin Yi’s body was still aching a bit, but his mind was very clear.

Bai Jin Yi could feel that the Beast Flame inside the cauldron being flooded with spiritual energy had a different feeling compared to before.  Bai Jin Yi could feel the power in every bit of that flame and with each palm from Ye Yu Xi, more spiritual energy was being poured into the flame.

Was this the benefit of the Exquisite Wonder Technique……


While Bai Jin Yi was lost in thought, the Beast Flame not far away exploded again.

Even though she failed again, Ye Yu Xi didn’t look dispirited at all.

Seventy two palms!  An entire seventy two palms!

Just now…..Ye Yu Xi had sent out seventy two palms before failing.  Compared to the fifty palms from before, it had been raised quite a bit.

“It seems like this cultivation technique has some amazing benefits.  Long Xiao Pang watched Ye Yu Xi’s failure without blinking, so naturally he noticed Ye Yu Xi’s progress.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  She never thought that just cultivating once, her meridians would become much stronger.

If Ye Yu Xi cultivated it a few more times, but she was always stopped at seventy two palms before failing.

Under Long Xiao Pang’s urging, Ye Yu Xi could only give up for now and cultivate her mental energy.

After the experience last time, Ye Yu Xi was more obedient.  When the sun was about to rise, she left the chaotic space with Bai Jin Yi.

She had Bai Jin Yi return to his room.

Ye Yu Xi took the broken sword again.  Qing’er and the others were taken by some people and there were no clues at the scene.  The only clue they had now was the broken sword from Bai You. 

Dong, dong, dong!

Without knowing how long passed, there were knocks on the door.

“The door’s not locked.”  Ye Yu Xi replied.

Dongfang Bing Ya pushed open the door from the outside, “Big sister Yu Xi, it’s time for breakfast.”

“Un.”  Ye Yu Xi put the broken sword onto the table.  The broken part was perfectly pointed at the door.

Dongfang Bing Ya looked over the broken blade and her eyes suddenly became serious.

“This, this is?”  Dongfang Bing Ya came in front of the table and picked up the broken sword.

“Bing Ya, you know about this break?”  Ye Yu Xi saw Dongfang Bing Ya’s appearance and quickly asked her.

Dongfang Bing Ya had a serious look, “When my master fell into a coma, the weapon she always carried with her was also broken.  The break on that weapon is similar to the one on this weapon!”


Ye Yu Xi took a cold breath.  She thought that the other side’s only goal was her, but now it seemed like the other side moved against quite a few people.

“Bing Ya, after the Alchemist Selection Meet ends in a few days, we’ll go to your sect.”  Ye Yu Xi quickly said. Going to the Blue Jade Peak for a look, perhaps they could find some other clues.

“Un.”  Dongfang Bing Ya nodded with eyes filled with gratitude.

The two of them went to eat.

While they were eating, Ye Yu Xi simply asked about the news from the city.  Early this morning, the imperial guard commander Tang Ze had brought the city guards out of the city in full force.  It seemed like they were heading to surround the Feather Wing Mercenaries.

This time, the third prince had began making his move.  He used the evidence she had sent him to clean up and pull in some minister of the court.  

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