Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 496

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Chapter 496: Ji Chao Yuan makes his move (Part 1)

Hua la la!

Ye Yu Xi after a few jumps arrived at where the fatty and Ye Wen were fighting.  Finding a good chance, she grabbed the iron chain and used her cultivation technique to suck their spiritual energy dry.

“Boss, this move is so powerful!  Teach me when you have time!” The fatty was stunned when he saw Ye Yu Xi’s strength.


The city guards around them, when they saw the black cloaks standing there, they all took in cold breaths.

Sima Xun who was hiding and watching from afar, when he saw this demonic scene, he almost fell out of the tree.

This was the Fierce Tiger Army and the Fierce Tiger Array famous in the Ice Mist Country, it was that easily broken by someone?

Sima Xun watched the Fierce Tiger Army soldiers littering the ground and a chill ran down his back!

Thinking of the scene during the day, Sima Xun realized that man had noticed him back then!  Only he didn’t pull him out!

“This is bad, this matter needs to be reported to senior sister!”  Sima Xun made his decision. Seeing that no one was around, he jumped out of the tree and quickly flew towards the capital city.

After Ye Yu Xi took care of the Fierce Tiger Army, she threw the chain in her hand to the ground.  She checked the situation of her body. The spiritual energy she had just absorbed quickly flowed and didn’t remain in her body.

“It seems like the grade of these people’s spiritual energy is too low.”  She thought in her mind. Ye Yu Xi looked at Shi Qing and Li Hu currently locked in battle.

Shi Qing fought desperately and was completely suppressing Li Hu.

Li Hu’s blade danced in the wind, but Shi Qing didn’t fear it at all.

Shi Qing’s weapons were his arms.  Shi Qing cultivated a profound grade cultivation technique called «Profound Stone Arms», which was something Long Xiao Pang specially taught him.

After cultivating it, if his arms were infused with spiritual energy, they became as firm as stone and blades couldn’t cut them.

Dong, dong, dong!

Shi Qing’s attacks became even more fierce.

Although Li Hu was holding a large blade, what use did it have if he couldn’t hurt the other side?  Li Hu wasn’t as fierce as before, he was just struggling to defend himself with his cultivation technique.


Shi Qing used a Black Tiger Heart Digging and landed his fists on Lu Hu’s chest.  Li Hu spat out a mouthful of blood and was sent flying.

Li Hu landed among the city guards with dim eyes.  His chest had collapsed and it didn’t seem like he was alive anymore!


Huo Ling and Long Xiao Pang were in the yard.  The bird and ginseng were sitting bored on the stairs.

“Why isn’t master back yet?  Didn’t she say that she needed this treasure’s help later?”  Huo Ling kept complaining.

“Little dumb bird, didn’t your master tell you to watch over these things?  Just watch over them.” Long Xiao Pang was holding a roasted lamb leg, considering if he should eat it or not.

In front of Huo Ling and Long Xiao Pang, there was a large pile of papers.  Each paper was rolled into a scroll, so it was not known what was densely written on it.

“This treasure is bored…..”  Huo Ling looked around, his little brothers were all resting in the trees.


Ji Chao Yuan saw that his commander had been killed and couldn’t sit still.

He looked left and right to look over the city guards.  Every one of them had looks of fear and no will to fight at all.

“Where are the Four Generals!”  Ji Chao Yuan roared out.



Four large men walked out.  These four men had roughly the same face, like they were quadruplets.

“Four Generals, hear my order.  Follow me to kill the enemy and revitalize my army!”  Ji Chao Yuan kicked his horse’s stirrups and jumped off his horses back.  He flew right at Ye Yu Xi on the battlefield!

The four large men all erupted with spiritual energy as they followed him.

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