Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 492

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Chapter 492: Ji Chao Yuan’s strategy (Part 1)

Ji Chao Yuan looked at this scene with a sinister face.

His three hundred elite vanguards, they couldn’t even last five minutes under three people’s hands!

“Vanguard!  Attack again!”

Hua la!  Hua la!

The sound of blade swishing rang out.

Under the light of the flames, the cold blades of the city guards sparkled with a dazzling light.

Ye Yu Xi’s group of three were still standing there.


With their comrades dying under the other side’s blades, the aura of the second vanguard was stronger than the first team.

They all roared out as they charged at Ye Yu Xi’s group of three.


Ye Yu Xi’s beautiful eyes under the mask revealed two cold glows.


Ye Yu Xi raised her hand and her Soul Devourer Blade flew out.


There was spiritual energy that appeared under her feet and she flew out at an incredible speed, chasing the cold glow that flew out of her hand.


The Soul Devourer Blade pierced a city guard’s throat.  Under the tremendous force, the Soul Devourer Blade pierced through his throat and entered the throat of a city guard behind him, creating a stick of candied hawthorns.


Ye Yu Xi’s body followed closely behind.  Before the two of them fell, she pulled out her weapon.  At the same time, six-seven cold blades slashed at Ye Yu Xi.

Pu, pu, pu!

Ye Yu Xi didn’t stay still for a minute.  After she pulled out her Soul Devourer Blade, she disappeared on the spot and the cold blades cut the bodies of those two city guards.

The two city guards were stunned as large beads of blood poured out of their throat.

They never would have thought that they would be killed by their own brothers.

The same scene happened around the fatty and Ye Wen.

Ye Yu Xi’s group of three were just too fast!

Those city guards started the fight in high spirits, but when they saw that they killed their own people instead of Blood Enchantress’ people several times and they were close to their own brothers, they began to hesitate.

Like this, Ye Yu Xi’s group of three were like fish in water!

Sixth spiritual level experts against third spiritual level soldiers, so what if there were more soldiers?

In this world, one looked at absolute strength!

Seeing these five hundred vanguards shrinking and pitiful screams ringing out, a vice commander finally couldn’t keep watching.

“General, the other side’s cultivation is too high!  Like this, our soldiers aren’t their match at all!”

That vice commander stood in front of Ji Chao Yuan and his voice became smaller and smaller.

“Humph!  Keep going!  I don’t believe there’s no end to their spiritual energy!”

Ji Chao Yuan tightly gripped his sword.  He watched the three of them fight and knew that third spiritual level soldiers were not their match.

But Ji Chao Yuan was still waiting.  When these people wasted their spiritual energy……he would deal the killing move!

When the vice commander saw the general give the order, he gritted his teeth.  He turned to the side and waved his hand, “Vanguard, charge!”

Another five hundred people charged out of the formation.

Only…..Those five hundred people didn’t have the same courage as the people from before.



Ye Yu Xi cut through a city guard and several drops of blood fell onto her mask, making her look even more demonic.

Ye Yu Xi’s mental energy swept out and found the surrounding city guards had increased again.  She began to move even faster and her Soul Devourer Blade took the lives of the city guards even faster.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t want to kill these people.  Although she was a killer, Ye Yu Xi didn’t randomly kill.  But now…..Both sides were masters and at the edge of life and death, they could only blame following the wrong person!

“Leader!  Do we need to support young miss Ye?”  Zhang Da Yong stood behind Nangong Ying Xue.  Watching the battle in front, the blood in his heart swelled.

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