Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 491

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Chapter 491: Three people vs three hundred city guards

Dong, dong, dong!

The uniform footsteps knocked on everyone’s ears, acting as a psychological attack on their minds.

“Blood Enchantress!”

Ji Chao Yuan moved his horse a few steps forward, looking at the black clothed people several hundred meters away from the back of his horse.

The fifty thousand city guards surrounded the village that wasn’t too big in layers, completely sealing it off!

The thousands of people all raised torches in their hands.

The red light pierced through the night and looking from afar, it even dyed the night sky red.

Ji Chao Yuan’s eyes lit up as he waved his hand, “Vanguard!  Go!”

A vanguard with three hundred people came out of the army.

They were all holding spears or swords, as they approached the black clothed people in front.

Ye Yu Xi raised her hand and signaled to the mercenaries behind her not to move.  She said to the fatty and Ye Wen in her mind, “Go and test them out!”

With a gust of wind, three figures disappeared from everyone’s sights.

When they appeared again, they were already near the vanguard.


The few soldiers in front saw the red masks that suddenly appeared in front of their eyes and unconsciously took a step back.


The ice cold blade cut across their necks.

The three black figures pierced through their group.

The sounds of weapons clashing and pitiful screams kept sounding out!


Going back an hour.

Inside a large yard in the royal palace.

“Third highness!  This is bad! There’s news from our people in the city guards!  Ji Chao Yuan has incited fifty thousand city guards to surround the Feather Wing Mercenaries outside the city!”

A messenger quickly ran into the third prince’s study.


The teacup in the third prince’s hand was slammed down on the table and the tea splashed onto the books on the side.

“How long since the city guards set off!”  The third prince’s brows knit together.

This Ji Chao Yuan, he really dared to move the city guards.  This crime, if his royal father pursued it, even if his head wasn’t cut off, he would lose three official levels!

“Two hours ago.  With their current speed, it’s estimated they will reach the Feather Wing headquarters in another two hours!”

“Alright, you can leave first!”

The third prince waved his hand at the messenger to let him leave.

The third prince sat in his chair and thought about it.  Ye Yu Xi…..This kind of crisis…..

“Elder Wei!”  The third prince shouted in a deep voice.


With a clear sound, an old figure slowly appeared out of the corner.

“Your highness.”

“Elder Wei, take my token.  Quickly go to the Feather Wing headquarters and use your identity!  You must protect the Blood Enchantress group!”

“Your highness can be assured.”  Elder Wei took the gold token from the table.

The window opened and elder Wei disappeared from the study.


On the battlefield outside the Feather Wing headquarters.

Di da!  Di da!

Drops of blood fell off the Soul Devourer Blade in Ye Yu Xi’s hand.


A scream was abruptly cut off.

The fatty tilted his neck and with a pu sound, he pulled his dagger out of the neck of a city guard.

Standing up, the fatty moved behind Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi stood in front and the fatty and Ye Wen formed a triangular formation with Ye Yu Xi.

Under the feet of the three people, the ground was covered in the corpses of the city guards.

Hong, hong, hong!

There was the scent of blood on the wind.

Their torches burned bright and the light fell onto the masks of these three people, looking very bright.


A vice commander swallowed a mouthful of saliva, as he looked at the three black clothed people in front with a lingering fear.

In all his years of military service, this was his first time seeing people being killed like this!

He looked at Ji Chao Yuan on the side and that vice commander’s lips quivered, “General!”

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