Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 482

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Chapter 482: Someone following (Part 2)

Coming out to the street, Ye Yu Xi felt someone sneaking around behind her.  The face hidden under the mask revealed a cold smile. I thought that you didn’t dare come!

She began to walk faster and they quickly headed out the city gates, not stopping at all.

Outside the city gates, around four-five miles outside the capital city.

“Damn, it’s been so long, why aren’t they here yet?”

The fatty was bored as he sat in a tree.  He was chewing on a piece of grass as he looked in the direction of the city gate.

“Blockhead, you should at least say something when I’m talking to you.  It’s been two hours, I haven’t seen you say a single thing.”

“Fatty, stop chattering.  The young miss will be here soon.”  Ye Wen was standing under the tree with a sword hung on her waist.

Zhi, zhi!

The little monkey quickly jumped out of the tree and landed in front of the fatty, as it began gesturing.

“Someone’s coming!”

The fatty saw the little monkey’s movements and his expression changed, quickly shouting to Shi Qing and Ye Wen under the tree.

There was finally a change to Shi Qing’s cold expression.  He looked up and disappeared from under the tree with Ye Wen.

After ten minutes, there were two figures that walked over.

“Let’s wait here.  This is the path out of the city, those two will definitely pass by here later.”

Two large men came in front of the tree the fatty was standing in before.  Looking around, they found the tree was perfect for scouting.

Ceng, ceng!

The two jumped into the tree and like the fatty before, they looked in the direction of the city gate.

“Ya, damn, they really know how to pick a good place.”  The fatty was with Shi Qing and Ye Wen in another tree not far away, clearly seeing every action of the two large men.

“They are not normal cultivators, they should be from the army.”

Ye Wen coldly watched the two in the tree not far away.  They were dressed like mercenaries, but their skills weren’t like normal mercenaries.

The movement of the two people…..it was too neat!  It was like they had been strictly trained.

“Shi Qing, move over a bit, this place is a bit crowded.”

The fatty arched over, not feeling comfortable no matter how he stood.


When the fatty moved, he used too much strength in his feet.  He was already pretty big to begin with and he directly broke the branch.

“Un?  What is that sound?”

The two large men in the tree in front had sharp senses.

When movement came from the fatty’s side, the two of them immediately noticed it.

“This is bad!”

The fatty saw one of the two jumping down from the tree and coming over to investigate, knowing that this was bad.

The large man tightly held his wide blade.  His steps were very light as he carefully moved towards the tree the fatty and the others were in.

It was already too late for the fatty’s group to move.

As long as the other side saw a shadow, their position would be revealed.


A figure jumped out from the fatty’s shoulder.

Zhi, zhi!  Zhi, zhi!

The little monkey jumped out of the tree before jumping into another tree.

It cautiously stood on the branch, looking at the large man on the ground.

The large man saw the monkey jump out of the tree and let out a sigh of relief.

He turned his head towards his companion and said, “It’s nothing, just a monkey.”

After saying this and checking that there was no one in the tree, he returned to the previous tree.

“Fatty, should be take care of these two?”

Ye Wen was standing beside the fatty, talking to him in her mind.  If it wasn’t for the little monkey, their group would have been exposed.

Before they were found, it was better to directly silence the two of them.

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