Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 483

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Chapter 483: Not our people

“Boss didn’t say.  Let’s keep watching, perhaps these people came for the boss.  When I came out of the city, I felt something was off, there seemed to be much less guards in the streets today.”

The fatty replied in his mind.

Ceng, ceng!

After a while, the little monkey came back from the other tree and squatted on the fatty’s back.

Zhi, zhi!

The little monkey called out in a low voice, gesturing a few times.

“Un?  Boss is here.”

The fatty sent the message to them in his mind.  After being together for several months, although the fatty couldn’t understand what the little monkey was saying, he could guess most of what the little monkey meant through its gestures.


“Brother, do you feel something is off?”

A large man in the tree in front asked his companion in a low voice.

“Un?  What’s wrong?”

The other man was clearly not thinking as much, focusing on watching the path in front.

“I’ve never heard of monkeys appearing in these barren mountains before.”

“Shh!  They’re coming!”

The man watching the path ignored his companion’s question and pointed at the path in front.

Two mysterious black cloaked figures with red masks walked over.

Looking at their appearance, there were people chasing them.

As expected, after a while, over ten people wielding weapons came from behind.

“It’s not our people!”

A large man focused his eyes, looking at the clothes of the people chasing the two mysterious people.


Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi never spoke.

They kept moving forward following the set path.

Since they left the auction hall, there were a few more people that began following them.

The over ten people behind them were the most obvious ones.  Other than them, there was still another two-three waves of people following in the distance.

Hua la!

As Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi moved forward, there were four-five strong men that jumped out of the trees on both sides, cutting in behind Ye Yu Xi’s group of two.

The ones who jumped out were naturally Zhang Da Yong’s group who Nangong Ying Xue had prepared.

Zhang Da Yong saw the people following Ye Yu Xi and talked to the others before jumping out.

“Brothers, don’t be in a rush.  Where are you going?”

Zhang Da Yong had a large blade as he looked at the people in front of him with a cold smile.

“It doesn’t involve you!  Quickly scram, otherwise don’t blame father for being impolite!”

That group of large men saw the five people who jumped out and their leader pointed his blade at Zhang Da Yong.

Since they came out of the city, they finally came deep into the forest.  It was convenient for them to make a move here, but people jumped out to interfere at this time.

“Impolite?  I want to see how impolite you are with us.”

Zhang Da Yong’s temper exploded and glaring at them, he swung his blade.

Five people against over ten people, they fought for a while.

“It’s Feather Wing’s people.”

The man in the tree looked at Zhang Da Yong and recognized him.

“Follow the two mysterious people, I’ll report to the general.”


The two men split up, one running to the city and one continued following the mysterious people.

“They’ve split off, what do we do?”

With Ye Yu Xi not here, the fatty became the backbone for Ye Wen and Shi Qing.

The fatty’s face became serious.  Looking at the skills of the two men from before, they should be in the fifth spiritual level!

“Ye Wen, follow that person who went to the capital and watch where he goes.  Shi Qing and I will follow boss, we can react if anything happens.”

Ye Wen nodded.  Her figure flew out and she cautiously went off in the direction the man left in.

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