Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 481

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Chapter 481: Someone following (Part 1)

“Big sister Qiong!”

The slightly chubby girl saw that Jia Qiong’s face becoming darker and she felt worried.

This was her first time seeing Jia Qiong like this!

“Sima Xun!  Go investigate for me!  Who is that person on the first floor!”

Jia Qiong suppressed the anger in her heart.  Did the other side really not know who she was or did they have no fear?

In the Ice Mist Country, I, Jia Qiong really want to see who dares go against me!

“Yes, senior sister!”

A young man standing behind Jia Qiong came out.  The man was dressed in the same set of bright clothing with a moon stitched to his chest.  It seems like this person was also from the Mingyue Sect.


Ye Yu Xi didn’t stop Bai Jin Yi.

Now that things had reached this point, there was no point.

But Ye Yu Xi still cursed in her heart that Bai Jin Yi was a wastrel!

You can’t waste money like this!

But Bai Jin Yi didn’t care.

Bai Jin Yi didn’t know how much money he had, he just knew that he could never finish spending his money.

There was no need to mention his identity as the young valley lord of the Medicine King Valley, Bai Jin Yi himself was a seventh grade alchemist.

Any sixth or seventh grade pill taken out would be considered priceless.

A fifth grade pill could be sold for tens of millions, so how much could a sixth grade pill be sold for?

When one reached Bai Jin Yi’s level, money was just a number.

“Four million going once, four million going twice, four million…..”  Mi Fan looked at the second floor. Seeing that there was no movement from the private room on the second floor, she said, “Four million going thrice, deal!”

As the gavel fell, the owner of the «Hundred Flower Hands» was set.  Only the price for this was enough to squeeze out the sweat of everyone in the hall!

“Do you still need to buy anything else?”  Bai Jin Yi who had spent four million in the matter of minutes didn’t show any heartache, as he spoke in a normal voice.

Ye Yu Xi shook her head.  She wanted to buy the «Five Dragon Array» at first, but hearing what Long Xiao Pang had said, the Five Dragon Array didn’t have much use, so there was no need to buy it.

“It seems like some people are paying attention to us.  If there’s nothing else, we should leave a bit earlier.”

Bai Jin Yi felt two sets of eyes locking onto them as he made this suggestion to Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi as she thought, you still know that people are paying attention!

Ye Yu Xi nodded and left with Bai Jin Yi while being watched by others.  They headed right for the exchange room.

As soon as Ye Yu Xi left, a staff member of the Primary Martial Auction Hall quickly ran to the second floor to report.


Dong, dong, dong!

There were knocks on the door.

“Reporting to your highness, the mysterious people who bought the Hundred Flower Hands have gone to exchange for it.”

“Un?  This quickly?”

The third prince looked up with a bit of confusion.  The auction was only half over? Could it be the other side only came for this «Hundred Flower Hands»?

He looked at Mo Tian Chou.

Mo Tian Chou understood the meaning of his master and cupped his hands to the third prince, “Your highness, I’ll go take a look in the exchange room.”

The third prince waved his hand to let Mo Tian Chou  leave.

He looked down at the papers on the table.

What was written on it were the forces that interacted with Ye Yu Xi in this auction!

“Deliberately giving information to General Ji, is she planning to make a move?”

The third prince pondered this.  The move Ye Yu Xi made, he actually couldn’t understand it.


Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi gave their gold coins in the exchange room and quickly left with the cultivation technique.

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