Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 475

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Chapter 475: Hundred Flower Hands (Part 3)

“Un?  Such a fine girl!”  

Ye Yu Xi wanted to look away, but she saw a person come in from the corner of her eyes.

The girl that came in was wearing a blue and white dress.  Her chest was like a full moon, creating a perfect arc.

She had a fine face, but there was an indescribable pride on her face.

This girl didn’t go to the first floor, rather she directly took the stairs to the second floor.

“It seems like it’s the daughter of a large family.”

Ye Yu Xi gave an emotional sigh in her heart.

Ye Yu Xi didn’t know that…..the girl that just came in was Jia Qiong!

“Yu Xi, that person that just came in, she seems even more prideful that you!”  Bai Jin Yi also noticed that girl.

“Un?  What do your words mean.”

Under the cloak, Ye Yu Xi glared at him.

“What I mean is that your pride is innate and her pride seems to be an act.  It’s like…..the pride of a genius looking at normal people. In the eyes of that girl, there are only benefits.”

Bai Jin Yi said in a certain voice.

With Bai Jin Yi’s identity and background, what kind of genius girl hadn’t he seen before?  Just with his identity as the young valley lord of the Medicine King Valley, it was unknown how many genius girls wanted to charge into his bed.

As for girls like Jia Qiong, Bai Jin Yi had seen many of them over the years.

“It seems like you’ve seen quite a few of these girls.”

Ye Yu Xi “taunted” Bai Jin Yi.

While they were speaking, the surrounding lights dimmed.

The sounds of discussion in the main hall became smaller.

Everyone knew the auction was about to begin.

“Everyone, welcome to the Primary Martial Auction Hall!”

This sound came out, but the auction stage was still empty.

The people in the hall seemed used to this situation and most of them silently waited.

After a few minutes, a girl in a light pink dress walked out, which perfectly outlined this girl’s figure.  When this girl walked onto the stage, there was excitement that filled the hall.

Ye Yu Xi was a bit surprised sitting there.  Feeling the change in the crowd, it seemed like auctioneers in the capital city had some skills.  Before even coming onto the stage, they had mesmerized some people. These auction halls did have some methods.

“I am today’s auctioneer, Mi Fan.  There is a total of fifty three items today and according to the rules of our Primary Martial Auction Hall, those worthless things will not be taken out to waste everyone’s time!  Now, let the auction begin!”

“The first product, third grade pill, Purple Thunder Pill!”

Mi Fan had a smile as she took a white jade bottle from the tray a servant was holding.

Purple Thunder Pill!”

The hall instantly went wild, even the second floor was filled with shocked sounds.

The people qualified to come naturally recognized good items.

If it was a second grade pill, the Purple Spirit Pill, most people wouldn’t react.  This was because although the Purple Spirit Pill was considered a pretty good second grade pill, it was not especially rare.  Most families would have a few of them, leaving them for their descendants.

But the third grade pill……The Purple Thunder Pill……

This was very rarely seen!

“Purple Thunder Pill, it has already been appraised by our Primary Martial Auction Hall.  It is of high quality and I’m certain that everyone is clear on the effects of using it. In a few years, it’ll depend on everyone whose family will have an extra seventh spiritual level expert.”

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