Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 469

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Chapter 469: Braised Cloud Rabbit (Part 2)

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi nodded, as they gave the reins in their hands to the mercenary.

The two of them began walking towards the city gates.

“This is for you.”

With a flash of light in Ye Yu Xi’s hand, a black cloak appeared.

Last night, Ye Yu Xi had already made her decision.  In this auction, she would go with her Blood Enchantress identity.

Moreover…..she would reveal some tracks.  Otherwise with those idiots in the general’s manor, they wouldn’t be able to find her whereabouts at all.

Bai Jin Yi took the cloak and didn’t insist on wearing his white dragon brocaded cloak.

The two of them walked for half an hour before entering the capital city.

Compared to before, there was clearly more city guards patrolling the streets.

It seemed like the trouble the fatty caused two days ago had really made the seventh prince angry.

“Let’s go eat something.”

Bai Jin Yi looked at the time.  It was close to noon and the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s auction would begin after noon, so they still had around two hours.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  People lived on meals, although with Ye Yu Xi’s current cultivation, she could go a few days without eating, no one was willing to starve themselves.

The two of them looked for a decent restaurant near the Primary Martial Auction Hall.

This restaurant’s name was a bit interesting.

Strange Treasure House!


Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi found a corner to sit in the main hall and raised their hands to call a waiter.

“Two customers, what will you have?  Our Strange Treasure House mainly serves the meat of various spirit beasts, will the two customers be having some?”

The waiter looked over Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi, as he already had a standard in his heart.  This girl was wearing a set of training clothes, so she seemed to be a cultivator. This man was wearing brocaded clothes with golden lined shoes that also had some cloud patterns.

Just this pair of shoes would be worth at least a hundred silver coins at the auction!

Meeting this kind of customer, naturally the waiter recommended some of the more expensive dishes.

Bai Jin Yi revealed a faint smile.  He naturally was not lacking money and this was the first time eating out with Ye Yu Xi, so naturally he couldn’t be too stingy.

“What kind of specialties does your Strange Treasure House have?”

“Customer, you came right on time.  We received ten Blue Cloud Rabbits with strength equal to the fifth spiritual level from the Central Plains yesterday, so the current specialty is the Braised Cloud Rabbit.  Do you want one?”

Bai Jin Yi nodded before ordering some dishes that had decent sounding names.

While waiting for their dishes, there were several people that came in.  An old man led a young man with two girls following behind him.

“Elder Li, do you want to go to the second floor?”  The young man said in a flattering voice.

“No need, we can sit here.  After having a simple meal, we’ll go take a look at the auction.”  The old man called elder Li casually pointed at a table and their group sat down.


The young man called out in an arrogant voice, making the people in the hall slightly narrow their brows.

Naturally it also attracted Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi’s attentions.

“Oh?  Spiritualist Guild?”

Bai Jin Yi raised one brow as he focused on the clothes the old man was wearing.  The feeling this old man gave Bai Jin Yi was a bit familiar, as if…..he had seen him somewhere before.

After looking for a while, Bai Jin Yi remembered.  He didn’t know this person, but he had exchanged moves with him before!

This old man was the Spiritualist Guild elder back in Ningyuan City who had used his mental energy to investigate Ye Yu Xi, but had been shocked by Bai Jin Yi’s “cough” into vomiting blood, Li Fei Zhang!

“Ai~~Customer, please wait a minute.”

The waiter from before ran over.

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