Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 456

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Chapter 456: Fatty and Huo Ling

Bai Jin Yi had a rare caring moment for Ye Yu Xi.

Because Ye Yu Xi was thinking about other things, she unconsciously nodded as she was a bit tired.  After nodding, Ye Yu Xi finally reacted and her brows knit together, “Go back to your room!”

Ye Yu Xi cursed Bai Jin Yi in her heart!  She was almost fooled by him!

Bai Jin Yi awkwardly rubbed his nose.  Looking at Ye Yu Xi’s appearance, it seemed impossible for him to stay here tonight.

Under Ye Yu Xi’s angry gaze, Bai Jin Yi softly left the room.

When Bai Jin Yi left, Ye Yu Xi thought about what Bai Jin Yi said about Medicine Demon just now.

Ye Yu Xi vaguely felt that Medicine Demon and the girl named the Thousand Hand Guanyin were not as simple as their rumours.  It seemed like she needed to investigate these people when she had the chance, perhaps she might find something new?

Giving a yawn, Ye Yu Xi took off her outer clothes and laid down in bed, falling asleep.


While Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi were going to sleep, there were some people who weren’t sleeping!

Or rather it was a fatty and a bird that were having too much fun to sleep!

In the capital city, outside a certain manor.

The fatty was wearing a set of black clothes as he stood in a treasure room.

It was a good thing there was some moonlight outside, so when it shined in through the window, the room itself wasn’t too dark.

“I say, Huo Ling, help me search!  Don’t just keep eating.”

The fatty was rummaging around alone.

Huo Ling was more simple.  After coming in, he sniffed around and saw the herbs placed in the corner.  He happily jumped over to the herb shelf and began to start eating.

Ji, ji, cha, cha!

Huo Ling called out, “After flying with you for so long, this treasure is hungry.”

Only the fatty couldn’t understand what Huo Ling was saying.

The fatty looked over it before patting his head.  Why was he looking through them at this time!

No matter what it was, he would put it in his ring before saying anything.

The fatty directly used the “sweep” skill.  In less than ten minutes, the treasure room was swept clean by the fatty.

“Brother, let’s go.  We’re heading to the next house.”

The fatty waved his hand at Huo Ling in the corner when Huo Ling had finished most of the herbs.

Puleng, puleng!

Huo Ling flew to the fatty’s shoulder and grabbed the fatty to fly away.


The fatty’s little eyes turned and he had an idea, “Huo Ling, wait for me.”

The fatty ran to the wall and took out a pen from his Space Ring.  Sweeping out a few times, he wrote several large letters on the wall.

Looking at his masterpiece, the fatty laughed before coming back to the door, “Alright, let’s go.”

Huo Ling flew off to the next place with the fatty.

After the first time, the fatty and Huo Ling’s coordination was even more tacit the second time.

In just a short two hours, the two of them had swept through several houses.

Gradually, Huo Ling understood something.

He had been fooled!  It was definitely a trap!

Going through several houses, Huo Ling would always eat a large feast each time.  What human ginseng, what snow lotus, what lingzhi, as long as they were herbs and Huo Ling could feel some spiritual energy from them, he would eat them all.

After eating, Huo Ling gradually realized that the lingzhi and other materials were much tastier than the herbs he ate before!

For a while, Huo Ling was unhappy……Master only bought herbs for this treasure……

“Huo Ling, next house.”

The fatty stood at the door waving at the dazed Huo Ling and the two of them headed to the next house.

When the sun rose, the fatty stretched himself out as he walked out a treasure room.

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