Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 455

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Chapter 455: Get in bed and rest

Medicine Demon found it hard to resist all these alchemists in the end.  He fled the continent and before dying, he split the Dual Imperial Flame Art in half, hiding them away.

The Flame Control Art was found by someone, which attracted the wild stealing of many alchemists.  Finally an alchemist named Bai, in order to avoid large scale slaughtering on the continent, made a suggestion.

The Flame Control Art should be shared and everyone could practice it.  With this cultivation technique, people gathered together and became a power, which was the Medicine King Valley.

Over the next few decades, many alchemists poured their heart into studying it, but they couldn’t obtain anything.  This Flame Control Art could only have the might of a yellow grade cultivation technique, so slowly people lost interest in this Flame Control Art.

But this Flame Control Art was a part of Medicine Demon’s cultivation technique.  They placed it in the Alchemist Academy, letting the students learn it.

Of course, the Medicine King Valley had another reason for making their decision in the past which was to attract the Imperial Flame Art!

Due to the quality of the Flame Control Art, everyone thought that the other half wouldn’t have a high quality.  As long as the two became one, it would release its true might. So, the Flame Control Art became one of the poster cultivation techniques of the Alchemist Academy!

If someone learned the Imperial Flame Art, they would certainly come to the Alchemist Academy to steal this cultivation technique!  Like that……

Of course, these were the thoughts of the Medicine King Valley’s founders.  After a thousand years, most people slowly forgot about this.

Everyone was more willing to believe that the Imperial Flame Art was already destroyed by Medicine Demon.  He only left the Flame Control Art to disrupt everyone.

After he finished talking about the relation between the Imperial Flame Art and the Flame Control Art, Bai Jin Yi’s starry eyes looked away from the Heavenly Silkworm Silk in his hand and looked at Ye Yu Xi.  He saw Ye Yu Xi smiling at him!

Ye Yu Xi had a faint smile as she teased Bai Jin Yi, “I never thought that the predecessor of the Medicine King Valley would be like this.  Like this, I understand why you have this kind of personality.”

Bai Jin Yi heard Ye Yu Xi’s somewhat “taunting” words and his heart was a bit dissatisfied!  Personality! What is wrong with my personality!

Isn’t it just looking at you in the tub…..Then kissing to heal up…..And then helping you wash up after seeing the impurities coming out of your body…..Eh……


Bai Jin Yi chose to silently accept Ye Yu Xi’s taunting, as if…..It seemed like…..He had taken advantage of Ye Yu Xi a bit……

But although Ye Yu Xi was teasing Bai Jin Yi, after listening to Bai Jin Yi’s explanation, there was still a question in her heart.

Medicine Demon…..Was he really dead?

Ye Yu Xi remembered that when she entered the Heavenly Silkworm Silk and learned the Imperial Flame Art, there was an old voice that seemed to have given a “yi” sound like it had been surprised.

But when the Heavenly Silkworm Silk was in Bai Jin Yi’s hand, it seemed like he hadn’t heard it based on Bai Jin Yi’s appearance.  Ye Yu Xi couldn’t just ask for it back, she could only ask another day.

“You can talk slowly.  It’s late, I don’t want to listen to what you’re talking about, so I’m going back to sleep.”  Long Xiao Pang gave a yawn and walked beside Ye Yu Xi as he disappeared with a flash of light.

With Long Xiao Pang gone, there was only Bai Jin Yi and Ye Yu Xi left in the room.

Looking at a beauty under the candlelight, there was a special taste.  Especially…..with a cold beauty like Ye Yu Xi.

After talking for so long, it was already late into the night.  Whether it was Ye Yu Xi or Bai Jin Yi, they were both a bit tired.

“It’ll be dawn soon, let’s go to bed and rest.”

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