Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 432

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Chapter 432: Don’t separate

Ye Yu Xi could feel that Bai Jin Yi’s body was very cold!  It was strangely cold! If she didn’t know that this was Bai Jin Yi’s body, just based on the sensation, Ye Yu Xi would even have thought that this was a block of ice!

On Bai Jin Yi’s body, the only place with a bit of warmth was his chest.  Ye Yu Xi could feel through the sensation of their chests being pressed together that Bai Jin Yi’s chest was also slowly becoming colder.

Feeling this sensation, Ye Yu Xi knew that Long Xiao Pang wasn’t lying and she hugged Bai Jin Yi even tighter.


Long Xiao Pang’s hand slapped the water again.

But this time Long Xiao Pang didn’t slap once, rather he slapped once in eight different positions!

The clear water turned turquoise and looked liked it looked like jade.

Ye Yu Xi knit her brows.  After Long Xiao Pang sent out his hand seals, Ye Yu Xi could feel the pressure around her become stronger!

Moreover…..This pressure was not normal!

Sometimes it would press towards the center and sometimes it would tear in one direction!

Like this, it increased the pressure and friction between Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s chests!

“Little girl, you absolutely cannot let go!  Once you let go, there will be no saving him!”  Long Xiao Pang was panting while he warned Ye Yu Xi.

“What, what do we do for the next step.”  Ye Yu Xi resisted the cold in the water, but there was frost that condensed between her brows.

“Activate your Dark Poison God’s Art.  There is a pair of worms in your little husband’s body, you need to pull one of them into your body.  Otherwise, when those worms wake up and begin to lay eggs, it will be troublesome!” Long Xiao Pang quickly said.

After saying this, he fell on his butt and was panting very hard.

“The Blood Poison and the Dark Snow Silkworm, I really can’t keep costs down.” Long Xiao Pang rested while reaching into his apron’s pocket, taking out a bottle.

This bottle was not like a normal bottle, most bottles were made of porcelain or jade.

The bottle Long Xiao Pang took out was actually made of wood!

This wood bottle was covered in a flower pattern.  The flower pattern on the bottle seemed life like, like it wasn’t carved by a person.

If Bai Jin Yi was awake now, he would have found that this bottle was actually the rare Dragon Marked Wood!

Dragon Marked Wood, it was very popular among the cultivators of the Purple Cloud Continent.  It’s said that Dragon Marked Wood could only appear in places where giant dragons were born and was a material nurtured with dragon blood.

Dragon Marked Wood was very light, but it was incredibly hard.  Other than this, there was another benefit to it. With the Dragon Marked Wood nearby, one could increase one’s spiritual energy absorption rate.  If the time was right, even the trace of dragon blood inside the Dragon Marked Wood could be refined.

It’s said that it could break bottlenecks and raise cultivation!

Just this alone made people rush to find it.


Long Xiao Pang opened the wood bottle and poured the liquid inside into his mouth.

After he finished, Long Xiao Pang even used his little tongue to lick his lips, as if the thing inside was very precious.

He wanted to put the bottle back into his apron pocket, but thinking about it, he uncorked it again and poured a drop into his palm.

Holding the green drop in his hand, he carefully sprinkled it into the wooden tub and the water inside began to warm up.

Once that liquid fell into the cold water, it spread in all directions.  The originally turquoise water turned verdant green, releasing waves of medicinal fragrance.

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