Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 431

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Chapter 431: Oh?  Still quite big!

Long Xiao Pang was speaking while looking over Bai Jin Yi’s body, raising one brow.

“Oh?  It’s still quite big.  Little girl, you’ll be blessed in a bit!”  Long Xiao Pang casually said.

Ye Yu Xi who had just picked up Bai Jin Yi was a bit stunned.  Will be blessed…..It couldn’t be…..

Under Long Xiao Pang’s urging, Ye Yu Xi’s step while holding Bai Jin Yi became heavy…..


Bai Jin Yi was almost thrown into the tub by Ye Yu Xi!

Si, si!

When Bai Jin Yi touched the water, there was cold steam that appeared on the surface of the water!

Long Xiao Pang ran beside the tub and his hands changed again.  Being filled with spiritual energy, he inserted his little hands into the water.

The clear cold water began to turn green at a visible speed.

“What are you in a daze for!  Quickly take off your clothes!

Long Xiao Pang turned to look at Ye Yu Xi standing there.

Ye Yu Xi sincerely felt now that…..Bai Jin Yi was doing this deliberately……

“There are two living things inside him.  If they stay in his body, it’ll begin to bite his organs!”  Long Xiao Pang shouted again.

Ye Yu Xi hesitantly took off her outer layer.  Just like last time, she only left a single thin layer.

“You also take off everything.  He’s not shy, so why are you shy!  Relax, I won’t look at you!” Long Xiao Pang generously gave a gentleman’s promise.

Ye Yu Xi rolled her eyes!

That bastard Bai Jin Yi is unconscious, what would he be shy about!

Then again…..This matter…..

Taking a few deep breaths, Ye Yu Xi still took off her clothes.

“Jump in.”  Long Xiao Pang heard the movements behind him and knew that Ye Yu Xi had finished the preparations.


Ye Yu Xi fell into the tub.

Ye Yu Xi had a rich body while Bai Jin Yi was thin and muscular.

Long Xiao Pang didn’t have the heart to enjoy the “spring scenery” in front of him as he quickly swept his little hand across the cold water.

When Long Xiao Pang’s hand left the water, Ye Yu Xi’s expression changed.

This water was the same temperature as normal cold water before, but once Long Xiao Pang’s hand left it, the water’s temperature suddenly dropped!

With how fast it was dropping, in less than a minute, she and Bai Jin Yi would be frozen in ice!

Hu, hu, hu!

Long Xiao Pang’s white palm swept out at fast speeds, creating soft wind.

Ye Yu Xi could feel the situation in the water.  Bai Jin Yi was in front of her, so the water in front of her had to be much colder than the surrounding area.

It was clear that the source of this change in the water was Bai Jin Yi.


Long Xiao Pang finally finished his hands seals and two little hands slapped the water.

“Little girl, hug him!  No matter what happens, don’t let go!  Remember, you have to tightly hold him.”  Long Xiao Pang’s expression was serious and there was sweat on his forehead.  It was clear that the hand seals just now was not easy for him.

Ye Yu Xi saw Long Xiao Pang’s appearance and nodded.  This wasn’t a relationship between man and woman, this was saving someone.  She pulled Bai Jin Yi in and the two of them were tightly pressed together.

Although the water was very cold, when their chests were pressed together, Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows.

This feeling…..It was stronger than before!

“Are you prepared?”

Long Xiao Pang asked this and his hands formed seals again.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  Her hands wrapped around Bai Jin Yi’s back and the two of them came closer together.

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