Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 430

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Chapter 430: Take off the inside as well

Long Xiao Pang’s voice was strangely serious!

“Living being?”

Ye Yu Xi was stunned.  Last time Long Xiao Pang looked over Bai Jin Yi’s internal injuries, he said that there was only the Blood Poison!

“Has the Blood Poison inside him activated?”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi’s pained expression and her heart slightly twisted.

Long Xiao Pang didn’t immediately reply to Ye Yu Xi.  His little white hand was placed on Bai Jin Yi’s forehead and a blue coloured spiritual energy that could be seen with the naked eye entered Bai Jin Yi’s head.

The pained expression on Bai Jin Yi’s face faded a bit, but after an instant, it twisted once again.

“Little girl, stop watching.  Quickly have someone boil some water!  Also prepare a bucket of cold water! Quickly!”

Ye Yu Xi nodded and immediately turned to leave!

Long Xiao Pang looked at Bai Jin Yi with a serious expression as he grumbled: Truly vicious!  Two kinds of heavy poison, this dragon master was too careless!

After a while, Ye Yu Xi brought several guards back with her.

“Place the things over here.”

Ye Yu Xi gave the order.  She didn’t let the guards enter the room and had them leave right away.

Ye Yu Xi moved the things Long Xiao Pang ordered for into the room alone.

“Dragon master, what do we do next?”  Ye Yu Xi saw that Long Xiao Pang was doing the same thing as before and her expression turned serious.

“Fill the tub with cold water and place your little husband inside.”  Long Xiao Pang quickly said.

Ye Yu Xi turned to pour the water.

Long Xiao Pang’s hand changed and he made three-five hand seals as he shouted, “Seal!”

Pa, pa, pa!

With three clear sounds.

Long Xiao Pang’s white hands slapped down on Bai Jin Yi’s dantian, chest, and forehead!

Immediately, there was a layer of blue light around Bai Jin Yi and three seals appeared on Bai Jin Yi’s body.

“Little girl, are you done!”  Long Xiao Pang quickly asked.

“It’ll be done soon!”


Ye Yu Xi poured the final bucket of cold water into the tub.

“Come, put your little husband into the tub.”

Long Xiao Pang let out a long breath and took back his white hands.  It was still good, the living thing inside Bai Jin Yi was temporarily sealed!

Ye Yu Xi heard Long Xiao Pang’s tone and knew that the situation was more serious than before.  At least…..Long Xiao Pang had the time to slowly explain it to her last time!

Ye Yu Xi came beside the bed and carried Bai Jin Yi over to the tub.


Long Xiao Pang spoke again.

“Take off his clothes.”

Long Xiao Pang wasn’t fooling Ye Yu Xi this time, he spoke the truth.

Ye Yu Xi nodded and didn’t ask anything.  She then took off the clothes on Bai Jin Yi’s body.

“Un?  Take off the inside as well.”  Long Xiao Pang saw that Ye Yu Xi left one piece for Bai Jin Yi and slightly knit his brows.

Ye Yu Xi: ……

She looked at the last piece on Bai Jin Yi’s body and looked at Long Xiao Pang with a strange look.

“Eh…..If you’re shy, I can turn around.”

While saying this, Long Xiao Pang really turned to face the wall.

Ye Yu Xi: ……  Her heart went crazy!  Why use is there in you turning around!

She took a deep breath.  She knew that now was not the time to delay, so Ye Yu Xi forced down the urge to “kill” within her and took the last piece of “clothing” off Bai Jin Yi’s body.

Although Ye Yu Xi had already prepared her heart, when seeing Bai Jin Yi in all his greatness, she was still a bit stunned.

“What are you standing in a daze for?  My seal can only last a few more hours!”

At this time, Long Xiao Pang had already turned around…..

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