Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 424

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Chapter 424: Little dumb bird, are you crazy (Part 2)


Not far away in front of Ye Yu Xi, there was a giant figure that went past!  It moved at an incredible speed.

Ye Yu Xi focused her eyes and clearly saw the real form of this figure.  It was a pair of wings! Each one was close to a meter long.

This pair of wings together was close to two meters!

“Master, master, this treasure is so powerful, look!”

Huo Ling’s cute voice came from within the wings.  While Huo Ling was speaking, he also began to flaunt and flap his wings.

Each flap of Huo Ling’s wings created a gust of wind, causing Ye Yu Xi’s clothes to dance.

Long Xiao Pang was squatted on the ground resisting the wings Huo Ling created.  He crawled over to Ye Yu Xi’s side and could only barely stay still while grabbing Ye Yu Xi’s leg.

“Huo Ling, damn you!  Why are you going crazy when nothing is happening!”  Long Xiao Pang shouted at Huo Ling in the air.

Hu!  Hu!

Huo Ling flapped his wings a few times and his body came down.

Ye Yu Xi used this chance to see Huo Ling’s current appearance.

Huo Ling had a body of beautiful red feathers, two eyes that were like red gems, and even his claws became the colour of red crystal.  His wings were incomparably large and once they were spread out, they were close to two meters.

Huo Ling’s body compared to his wings was a bit small.  Huo Ling’s body was less than half a meter long, but compared to the previous Huo Ling, the current Huo Ling was a bit bigger.

Huo Ling wasn’t too good at controlling his strength, so he fell to the ground with a “dong” sound.

His wings were too big, so Huo Ling couldn’t fold his wings in.


All of Huo Ling’s feathers turned into flames and he was covered in flames as they gradually moved towards Huo Ling’s wings.

Finally Huo Ling appeared, returning to his little white bird form.

Ji, ji, cha, cha!

Huo Ling looked up and called out to Ye Yu Xi, finding that the difference between him and his master was a bit big.


Huo Ling exploded with flames again as he turned into his little boy form.

“Master, master!  This treasure became very powerful!”

Huo Ling saw Long Xiao Pang hugging Ye Yu Xi’s leg and had a feeling like his master was stolen…..After blinking, he walked over to Ye Yu Xi’s side and grabbed onto Ye Yu Xi’s other leg while shaking.

“Master, quickly praise this treasure!  I was very powerful just now!” Huo Ling looked very happy.

Long Xiao Pang saw that the wind on the platform finally stopped and let go of Ye Yu Xi’s leg.

“Huo Ling, what was that just now?  You obtained a new ability after evolving?”  Ye Yu Xi rubbed Huo Ling’s head, revealing a look filled with praise.

Huo Ling nodded.  He looked at his own little white hand and there was a look of disbelief in his eyes.

“That is Partial Evolution.  He should have evolved his wings, but looking at how big his wings were just now, he should have reached the childhood stage.”  Long Xiao Pang looked at Huo Ling and recalled Huo Ling’s “demonstration”.

“Childhood?”  Ye Yu Xi was a bit stunned.  She looked at Huo Ling and saw that Huo Ling was a bit bigger than before.

The previous Huo Ling was around the same size as Long Xiao Pang, but now Huo Ling seemed just a bit taller!  It was just a bit and without looking closely, one wouldn’t be able to see it.

“Huo Ling!  My lamb meat!”

Long Xiao Pang made an agreement with the fatty when he went out to go out to eat tomorrow, but he couldn’t starve himself today.  He had come back in because he had planned on eating the ten roasted lambs today.

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