Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 423

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Chapter 423: Little dumb bird, are you crazy (Part 1)

The fatty blinked his little eyes and turned around a bit, thinking: This expression from Long Xiao Pang isn’t normally seen!  I remember the last time I saw this expression was when I treated him to a meal!

“Hei, hei, dragon master, let me tell you.  It isn’t just me saying it, but this kitchen’s skills are definitely better than mine!”  The fatty revealed an awkward smile.

“Where’s Bai Jin Yi?”

Ye Yu Xi looked around the room.  There were two tables filled, but there wasn’t Bai Jin Yi around.

Everyone shook their head.

Bai Jin Yi moved around mysteriously, everyone was already used to this.

Ye Yu Xi knit her brows as she felt something was wrong.  She showed nothing and sat down.

Everyone saw that Ye Yu Xi was here, so they began to eat.

“Young miss, what task do you have for us to have us come to the capital?”  Ye Wen ate a relatively small amount, so she was full after a few bites. She sat there and asked Ye Yu Xi about why she had them come to the capital.

“We’ll talk in another two days.  During this time, you’ll stay with Long Xiao Pang and raise your cultivation.”  Ye Yu Xi also only ate a few mouthfuls before putting down her chopsticks.

Earlier in the day, Ye Yu Xi had already used her mental energy to check everyone’s cultivation.  Qing’er, Ye Wen, and Shi Qing were all close to a breakthrough.

With Long Xiao Pang’s help and the help of pills, they could charge into a higher realm.  After seeing the foundation of the Alchemist Guild, Ye Yu Xi vaguely felt that Blood Enchantress’ current strength was a bit weak.

“Master, I’m hungry……”

Huo Ling’s voice suddenly came from her mind.  Ye Yu Xi revealed a happy look as she knew that Huo Ling’s “evolution” was over!

“Rest up if you’re finished eating, there are other things to do in a few days.”  Ye Yu Xi said this before turning to leave.

Long Xiao Pang saw Ye Yu Xi leave, so naturally he couldn’t stay here.  He patted the fatty’s leg and said with great loyalty, “Little fatty, we brothers haven’t seen each other in a long time, you can treat me to a meal another day!”

“Un, alright, I’ll treat you…..Un?”  The fatty immediately swallowed his words and his little eyes popped out, “Should it be you treating me!”

“That doesn’t mater, you already agreed anyway.  I’ll see you tomorrow!” Long Xiao Pang rolled his eyes and ran off.

“Damn, I was already being careful, but my defenses were still broken by him!  I can’t talk when we’re eating in the future…..” The fatty was depressed. He had walked into another meal.

Ye Yu Xi brought Long Xiao Pang away, but they didn’t go back to her room first, but rather they went to Bai Jin Yi’s room which wasn’t far away.

The room was dark and there were no lights.  Ye Yu Xi investigated with her mental energy and found no one inside.

He went out?

Ye Yu Xi had some questions in her heart, but it wasn’t good to spread this around, so she turned to head back to her room.


Entering the chaotic space.

When Ye Yu Xi had just appeared, a strong gust of wind hit her.  Even with Ye Yu Xi’s reaction, she was still blown back by this gust of wind.

Gu lu lu!

Long Xiao Pang who appeared beside Ye Yu Xi was given an even better treatment…..It was blown right into his face and he rolled several times on the platform…..

“Little dumb bird, are you crazy!”  Long Xiao Pang rolled several times before scolding while lying on the ground!

There were only three people in the chaotic space, him, Ye Yu Xi, and Huo Ling.

This current scene must have been caused by Huo Ling!

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi’s pupils instantly became wider!

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