Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: It’s actually a piece of trash

The seventh prince sat in the private room with a gloomy face.  He never thought a trivial Mo Family would actually dare bid against him!  He had promised Ye Xing Yong to buy this person for him, so he could only keep adding money.

“Third highness, do we need to keep bidding?”  Mo Tian Chou asked in a small voice. He did not lack money, or it was better to say the third prince did not lack money, only there was no need to spend money like this.

“No need, if we keep going, my seventh brother won’t be able to keep sitting.”  The third prince was in a very good mood.

“Ten thousand going once, the thousand going twice.”  The auctioneer paused for a second. He looked at the room on the second floor before the gavel in his hand came down, “Ten thousand going thrice!  Sold.”

Another two “products” were sold, but Ye Yu Xi did not bid once.

Qing’er watched the cage being lifted off the stage with a bit of reluctance, “Young miss, are we going to keep watching and buy nothing?”

Ye Yu Xi did not reply to Qing’er as she stared at the fifth cage being brought onto the stage.  The feeling from the cage was not very strong and couldn’t even compare to the “princess” from the first auction, but Ye Yu Xi felt a strange feeling, like the feeling of a mysterious treasure.

“The fifth product, it is also the final product.  A outer sect disciple of the Medicine King Valley from the Central Plains with a strength in the first spiritual level.  The starting price will be five hundred gold coins and each bid must increase by no less than fifty gold coins.” The auctioneer’s voice became weaker near the end.

The black cloth was taken off and the appearance of the person inside the cage was revealed.

He was wearing white robes and looked very handsome.  Although his body was not considered skinny, he was not as robust as the previous “Battle Wolf”, giving people a sickly feel.

The man in the cage looked over the people in the ground.  When he looked in Ye Yu Xi’s direction, his pupil unconsciously widened a bit.  He never thought that a small place like the Ice Mist Country would have this genius alchemist!

Ye Yu Xi looked at the person in the cage and her eyes narrowed into a slit.  Someone from the Medicine King Valley, this was 80% a lie, but perhaps she could find some information about finding an alchemist from this person!

Looking at the cage again, Ye Yu Xi carefully looked over it.  Under her careful gaze, Ye Yu Xi’s heart was a bit surprised. For an instance just now, that man’s pupil seemed to turn into a double pupil!  She carefully looked at the caged man’s face. There was a faint dark line on it and it looked like it was ill, making him seem like he had been poisoned for a long time.

“Ha, ha, Old Man Xi, you’re still selling this piece of trash!

“This the third time this is being auctioned, but I’m afraid it will smash the Blood Asura Auction Hall’s hands.  Strength in the first spiritual level, too low, it’s even as low as that waste from the Ye Manor.”

“So what if he’s an outer sect disciple of the Medicine King Valley, with a cultivation in the first spiritual level, he certainly isn’t an alchemist.  Which alchemist isn’t in the fifth spiritual level or up, he’ll be sent away today as well.”

The frequent guests in the hall were clearly “familiar” with the man in the cage.  This person had been sold for several days and although the reputation of the Central Plain’s Medicine King Valley was very strong, this person was too weak.  These people weren’t kind enough to spend money buying a piece of trash without any real strength.

Qing’er heard the people around them compare the person in the cage with her young miss and her little lips hidden under the cloak pursed together.

“Five hundred and fifty gold coins!”  Ye Yu Xi lowered her voice as she made a bid.

Qing’er looked at her young miss with surprise.  The person in the cage was not worth this price no matter how you looked at it!

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