Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Buying an empire

In the second floor’s private room.

Mo Tian Chou heard the bid coming from below and a slight hesitation filled his eyes.  He naturally knew that the person in the cage had been sold three times and thought that he wouldn’t so sold today because most people here were regular guests from Ningyuan City.  If something couldn’t be sold for the first time, the price could only be decreased. The person who gave a bid seemed familiar, but he could not think of who it was.

“Young master, this person seems to be from the two mysterious people from before!”  Housekeeper Qiu reminded him in a low voice.

“That’s right!”  When Mo Tian Chou heard Housekeeper Qiu’s reminded, he suddenly thought of it.  The two mysterious people who sold the pill the other day were also women and wearing the same cloaks!

“Tian Chou, who are these two people?”  The third prince sat on the side and could vaguely guess the identity of these two people.

Mo Tian Chou revealed a look of joy as he said to the third prince, “Third highness, these two people are the people who had us auction the pill that day.”

When the third prince heard this, he couldn’t help taking a few more glances in Ye Yu Xi’s direction.


“Young miss, what are we buying this person for?  His strength is so low.” Qing’er was a bit dissatisfied with the young miss’ actions.  Although they had money, they couldn’t spend it like this.

Ye Yu Xi saw that many people were looking in her direction.  She made a sign to be silent and said in a soft voice, “This person is someone from the Medicine King Valley.  The Medicine King Valley is famous on the continent, perhaps we can learn a few things about alchemy from this person.”

The auctioneer on the stage saw that no one else was calling a bid.  After shouting three times, his gavel fell down.

The person in this cage belonged to Ye Yu Xi from this moment forth.  This one auction, after a few years, it would become known as the greatest “bargain” on the Purple Cloud Continent.

After several years, there was a phrase that spread across the Purple Cloud Continent.  A girl used the price of a hundred gold coins to buy an empire in front of everyone…..

The auctioneer on the stage did not even have time to react before a servant walked beside him and whispered a few words into his ear.

The auctioneer smiled at the servant before shouting to the crowd in the hall, “Everyone, everyone, please wait a minute.  That last item was a leftover item from a previous auction, so today our Blood Asura Auction Hall has decided to specially add in another item.”

Un?  There were more items today!

The regular guests in the hall all revealed looks of curiosity.  This Blood Asura Auction Hall had a large backer, so it wouldn’t normally add things in casually.  They made an exception to add in an extra item today, it must be something good.

While everyone broke out in discussion, a servant brought out a tray.

The auctioneer took off the white silk over the tray and displayed the contents to everyone.  He said in a loud voice, “On the Purple Cloud Continent, there are three things that will move one’s heart, heavenly treasures, pills, and cultivation techniques!  On this plate is a Low Profound Grade Cultivation Technique!”


The sound in the hall increased by another level!

A Profound Grade Cultivation Technique, it was actually a Profound Grade Cultivation Technique.  Cultivation techniques were separated into four grades in this world, Heaven, Earth, Profound, and Yellow.  There were upper, middle, and lower levels within each grade. Normal people would cultivate middle or lower Profound Grade Cultivation techniques and only some families with power could obtain an upper grade Profound Cultivation Technique.  There was only the Ye Manor, the Mo Manor, and the City Lord’s palace who had a Profound Grade Cultivation Technique. These three families were all considered giants!

If a family could obtain a Profound Grade Cultivation Technique, in less than ten years, they could become a first grade power in Ningyuan City!

This auctioneer truly is an old sly fox.  He first gave the grade of the cultivation technique and did not tell them the price, deliberately giving these big players time to react.

Seeing the fiery gazes of everyone down below, the auctioneer began by saying, “This Low Profound Grade Cultivation Technique’s starting price is fifty thousand gold coins!  Each bid must increase by one thousand gold coins!”

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