Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 108

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Chapter 108: Quickly leave, there’s poison

Ye Yu Xi instantly analyzed several things and a person appeared in her mind, it was Bai Jin Yi!  Once this idea appeared in her mind, Ye Yu Xi directly denied it. Although Bai Jin Yi was strong, he could not possibly be this strong.  With the existence of this power, it was impossible for him to allow himself to be poisoned!

Ye Yu Xi did not move around randomly.  For an entire minute, she paid attention the the movements around her.  It was a pity that not to mention a human figure, there wasn’t even the sound of a single bug.  It was incomparably silent.

Other than silence, Ye Yu Xi could not find anything strange.  She cautiously looked at the giant snake’s body.

Slowly moving towards the giant snake’s body, Ye Yu Xi finally found what hse was looking for.


Ye Yu Xi’s pupils slightly shrank as she looked at the giant snake’s head!  Only, the incomparably large head had been separated from the body. The point of separation had been completely burnt black and there was no trace of blood at all, as if the snake’s head had been sliced off with a single slash of an incomparably large flame blade.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes looked at the snake head and her pupils contracted again.  Under the snake’s head, there was actually a foot!

The owner of this foot was squashed under the giant snake head and she couldn’t see who it was, but it seemed to have died with the giant snake.


This shoe seems a bit familiar.  Moving forward a few steps, Ye Yu Xi finally realized why it seemed familiar!  Bai Jin Yi!

Ceng, ceng, ceng.

Ye Yu Xi took a few steps towards the center of the hole and saw the situation inside the hole.


Ye Yu Xi took in a cold breath, it really was him.  Half of Bai Jin Yi’s body was squashed under the snake head and the giant snake’s fangs were deeply biting into Bai Jin Yi’s shoulder.  Because of the angle she was looking from, Ye Yu Xi could only see a single foot before.

She reached out to take Bai Jin Yi’s neck, it’s good, he’s still breathing.  Although the breath was weak, he was not dead yet.

Shua, shua, shua!

The dagger in Ye Yu Xi’s hand moved several times, cutting off the link between the snake’s teeth and its mouth.

The giant snake’s skin was very hard, but its mouth was relatively soft.  In less than five minutes, the snake’s head was separated from its fangs. Ye Yu Xi kicked the snake’s head to the side.

Looking down at Bai Jin Yi, his face was completely pale.  The giant snake’s fangs were inserted into his body like swords and he didn’t have the same mysterious aura as before.  If there weren’t fangs on his body, he would look like a sick and beautiful man peacefully sleeping.

Ye Yu Xi noticed that there was no blood flowing from Bai Jin Yi’s wounds.  The surroundings of the wound openings had already turned black and there seemed to be a faint golden light that was resisting the poison from entering.


Ye Yu Xi ripped apart Bai Jin Yi’s clothes, revealing his sturdy chest.  


Bai Jin Yi’s white hand grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s hand reaching towards the poisonous fang.  His breath was very weak, “Quickly leave…..There’s poison…..”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi’s painful expression and her voice was a bit cold, “If you don’t let go, you’ll die.”


“You really talk too much.”  Ye Yu Xi chopped her hand on Bai Jin Yi’s neck and directly knocked him out.

Sending her spiritual energy into her hands, she forcefully pulled out the fangs from Bai Jin Yi.  It revealed a black wound and a round little hole.

The blood around the wound was already very viscous, having a purple and black colour and giving off a fishy smell.

With a flash of light on her body, there was an extra cloth bag and white jade bottle in Ye Yu Xi’s hand.  The bag had the silver needles she used to cure the City Lord’s wife’s poison before and the bottle naturally had a second grade pill, the Origin Returning Pill.

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