Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 109

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Chapter 109: Sucking blood, sucking poison

Although she didn’t know if using the Origin Return Pill would help solve the poison, it was still better than doing nothing.  She softly placed it on Bai Jin Yi’s lip before putting the Origin Return Pill into his mouth. She didn’t know why, but when Ye Yu Xi’s hand touched Bai Jin Yi’s lips, there was a strange feeling in her heart that seemed like it was her heart beating faster.

She shook her head to rid herself of this distracting thought, taking care of the poison was more important!

She pinched a silver needle with two fingers and poked an acupuncture point on Bai Jin Yi’s shoulder.  To detoxify the poison, the quickest way was to block the acupuncture point and slow his blood flow before releasing the poisonous blood.  Although this would not completely detoxify the poison, it would at least save his life temporarily.

When the silver needle touched the acupuncture point, no matter how much force Ye Yu Xi used, the silver needle not enter Bai Jin Yi’s body.  When the silver needles were about to enter, there was a golden light that shone from Bai Jin Yi’s acupuncture point naturally that stopped the silver needle.

Spiritual energy automatically protecting the body?

Ye Yu Xi saw this situation and her brows knit.  She moved the silver needle in her hand towards another acupuncture point to try again.

Un?  There’s a door!

Ye Yu Xi tried over ten different acupuncture points and finally pierced her needle into one that wasn’t protected.  Gradually, Ye Yu Xi figured out the protective path.

Bai Jin Yi’s spiritual energy did not protect every part of him, it just protected the main acupuncture points of his body.  To protect the other parts, it would require too much spiritual energy.

If it’s like this, it was much easier!

The silver needles in Ye Yu Xi’s hand came down one by one and soon, Bai Jin Yi’s shoulder and arms were covered in silver needles.


A spiritual energy flame appeared in her palm.  It was not for refining pills, but rather it was to burn the dagger in her hand.  To detoxify him meant cutting him to let out blood, so naturally she needed to perform a simple disinfection!

When the wound was cut, Ye Yu Xi knit her brows once again.

Why isn’t the blood flowing?

When Ye Yu Xi reached out to press on Bai Jin Yi’s wound, she could force out a bit of thick and stinky blood, but the area around the wound gradually became darker.  

Seeing Bai Jin Yi’s pale face, it was clear that he would not survive to dawn if he wasn’t detoxified.  Ye Yu Xi did not hesitate as she leaned over and placed her ice cold lips onto the wound on Bai Jin Yi’s shoulder.  She ignored the stench of the wound as she began to suck out the poisonous blood from Bai Jin Yi’s shoulder.


Ye Yu Xi spat a mouthful of poisonous blood to the side.  When the poisonous blood touched the soil, it made the sound of corrosion, showing how poisonous it was.

Although Ye Yu Xi was prepared to suck the poisonous blood by using her spiritual energy to cover her mouth, trying her best to stop the poison from entering into her skin, she could still feel her tongue going numb.

Without time to think, Ye Yu Xi directly sucked a second and third mouthful of blood.  When the blood no longer smelled and the colour was the normal red colour, she finally stopped.

At this time, Ye Yu Xi was already feeling faint and feeling a bit dizzy.  Perhaps Ye Yu Xi could resist normal poison with her cultivation, but this giant snake had already evolved into a Dragon Snake and its strength was higher than the ninth spiritual level, so Ye Yu Xi had still underestimated the strength of its poison.

Ye Yu Xi felt her surroundings become faint and she thought it was bad.  She had been too careless, this poison was this strong and it had silently invaded her body.

Swaying back and forth, Ye Yu Xi tried her best to stay awake, but this was not something she could control anymore.

Putong, Ye Yu Xi fell down.

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