Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 993

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Chapter 993: Opening the net to fish

“Emperor, this subordinate has some things to report.”  Zhui Feng’s voice came from outside the window.

Mo Chuan walked over and pushed the window open.  He saw the moon in the sky shining down silver light and Zhui Feng falling down from the roof like a leaf.

“Is it news from He Shou Zhen?”  Mo Chuan said in a deep voice.

“Yes, emperor.  This subordinate has been following He Shou Zhen for the past two days.  It was the same for him tonight, going out to drink with his companions after duty.  Only after drinking for a bit, he went to the washroom. There was also another person who went out with him and the two of them stayed out for an hour before they came back.  He Shou Zhen continued drinking while that other person left. This subordinate felt this matter was off and secretly followed that person, finding out that…..that person entered the Country Guarding Duke’s manor and didn’t leave.”

“What did you say?  Country Guarding Duke?  Zhui Feng, are you certain?”

Mo Chuan couldn’t help knitting his brows as his eyes filled with disbelief.

How could this matter be related to the Country Guarding Duke?

“This subordinate definitely didn’t make a mistake, that person indeed entered the Country Guarding Duke manor.  This subordinate was afraid of alarming the Country Guarding Duke Manor guards, so I didn’t dare follow. After not seeing that person come out after guarding for a while, this subordinate immediately came back to report to the emperor.”  Zhui Feng replied.

Hearing the three words “Country Guarding Duke”, Mo Chuan couldn’t help being shocked.  This was because the Country Guarding Duke was most likely the real culprit Chen Ning mentioned.

But that was basically impossible!

The Country Guarding Duke was a hereditary title and the current Country Guarding Duke was already close to sixty.  He rode across the battlefield in his youth and had been a first grade general. He was not surnamed Chu, but because of his loyalty for the Chu royal family, he had been gifted the surname Chu, having a high power.  Although he hadn’t been in court for a long time, he had a very important position in the court.

Back when Mo Chuan became emperor, the Country Guarding Duke had supported Empress Dowager Zhou.

He was young when he was enthroned, having an unstable foundation.  Some of those ministers loyal to the previous emperor used his young age to bully him.  It was the Country Guarding Duke’s reprimand that stopped everyone’s criticisms.

Mo Chuan had always felt gratitude towards him.  Only his body was not like before and he couldn’t go to court any longer, so he ignored the matters of the court.

This kind of idle old minister shouldn’t be related to something as rebellious as an assassination, but Zhui Feng definitely didn’t make a mistake.

Could it be the Country Guarding Duke was really the large fish he spread his net to catch?

Mo Chuan couldn’t help falling into deep thought.

“Zhui Feng, don’t let anyone else know about this matter.  Keep following He Shou Zhen.” He ordered.

“Yes, this subordinate will follow orders.”  Zhui Feng jumped onto the roof and quickly disappeared.

Mo Chuan closed the window and turned around with a face as calm as water.

He wasn’t willing to suspect the Country Guarding Duke because even now, there was no concrete evidence connecting this matter to the Country Guarding Duke.

He shook his head and chased out the doubts in his mind.  Returning to the bed, she was still asleep. The candle light shone down on her face, making her even more beautiful.  He looked at her without turning and his lips slowly curled.

As long as he looked at her, he felt his heart was at peace.

He took off his outer clothes and laid down beside her.  It was like she felt something as she curled into his embrace like a little kitten, making him feel happy and troubled.

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