Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 992

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Chapter 992: Exchanging moves

Chen Ning stuck out her tongue and said with a smile, “Mo Chuan, do I still need to cultivate?  Your martial arts is already that good, I won’t catch up even if I train for ten years.”

Mo Chuan stared at her, “You want to be lazy?  You’re not afraid of suffering?”

She quickly shook her head, “I won’t suffer, I’ve learned some martial arts before.  Of course I can’t compare with an expert like you, but facing normal people, it’s more than enough to defend myself.  As for this inner strength mantra, I really can’t cultivate it.”

“You know some martial arts?  Why don’t I know about this? How about you show me a few moves?”  Mo Chuan became curious.

“I won’t, you’ll laugh at me.”  Chen Ning’s face became a bit red.  She knew that the self defense moves she learned from the modern era wasn’t worth a thing in Mo Chuan’s eyes.

“Silly girl, I am your husband, why are you afraid to show it to me?  It’s better that I laugh at you than an outsider. Then again, are you lacking in times you’ve laughed at me?”  Mo Chuan said with a faint smile.

When Chen Ning heard the words “I am your husband”, her heart filled with sweetness as she stood up with a smile.

“Alright, I’ll show you a few moves.  However, what I learned can’t be considered martial arts, it can only be considered some self defense techniques.  Are you willing to let me demonstrate a few moves?”

“Alright.”  Mo Chuan nodded with a smile.

“Use your hand to grab my neck.  That’s right, just like that. Now stand behind me.”  Chen Ning helped him take his position.

Mo Chuan couldn’t help making an “yi” sound as he said, “I’ve already caught you like this, you still have a way to fight back?”

Chen Ning gave a giggle.  She didn’t say anything else as her hands grabbed his arm and she suddenly threw him over her shoulder.

Even with Mo Chuan’s high skills in martial arts, he couldn’t react it time and was thrown by her.  Only his waist was stable, landing firmly on the ground facing her. There was a look of pleasant surprise and praise on his face.

“This move isn’t bad.”

Chen Ning proudly raised her chin.  She didn’t have time to boast as Mo Chuan tapped her nose and shook his head.

“Although your moves are smooth, without support from inner strength, an inner strength expert can easily break through your move.  It has no use at all, so you still need to cultivate inner strength.”

Her smile suddenly froze on her face.

“Mo Chuan, I’m really not trying to be lazy.  The inner strength technique you taught me is all breathing and meditating.  I fell asleep after just cultivating a while, are you certain you trained like this before?”

“What falling asleep, when I’m cultivating, my mind becomes sharper as I cultivate.  How about this, you can cultivate in front of me.” Mo Chuan said in a surprised voice.

Chen Ning was helpless.  She could only sit cross legged on the ground and breath according to the technique Mo Chuan taught her.

“Focus on breathing and clear your mind.  Just think about how the air flows into you…..”  Mo Chuan looked at her without blinking as he gave her instructions.

She never forgot anything and was incredibly smart, learning everything with just one try, but he didn’t know why she couldn’t even enter the gate when it came to cultivation.

After breathing for a while, she felt her mind becoming tired and she began to yawn.

“Mo Chuan, you’re not sleepy?  I’m going to sleep first.” She gave a yawn and closed her eyes.

Mo Chuan was angry and felt heartache.  He picked her up and walked over to the bed, putting her down and placing the blankets over her.

He was sitting by the bed watching her sleeping face when he suddenly heard “kou kou” sounds coming from the window.

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