Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Gaining things without any effort

That fatty had been given the cold shoulder, but he didn’t dare talk back.  He just bitterly took out ten silver coins and whispered in a low voice, “Humph, what accurate fortune telling?  You seem more like a swindler to me!”

Although he spoke like this, he had 70-80% confidence in what Chen Ning had said.

As he stood up to leave, Chen Ning suddenly called out to him.

“Official old master, I’ll give you one last piece of advice for free.  The fact that you can’t give birth to a son isn’t your women’s fault.  If you randomly marry another concubine and go against god’s will, then you will suffer the consequences!  The words that this miss has said is all for official old master’s good!”

After she finished talking, she did not care about the fatty anymore.  She directly focused on the second coming to get their fortune told.

The fatty stood there in a daze.  He looked at Chen Ning’s calm appearance and he couldn’t help feeling surprised in his heart.

He did not leave immediately and went back into the crowd to watch Chen Ning tell everyone else’s fortunes.

If what the girl said for everyone else was correct, then that would be she was a divine fortune teller.  Otherwise, she would be a swindler and he would definitely deliver her to the official’s office to be punished!

How could Chen Ning act the way he wanted?

Her words did not follow normal conventions.  As long as she spoke, it would always fill people with shock.

She was correct every time and made no mistakes.  Moreover, she always spoke very bluntly and each time she caused the crowd to burst out in wonder.

There were more and more people gathering around to watch.  Even the owners of the small stalls began to walk over and ignore their businesses as they enjoyed the show with the crowd.

The originally crowded street had suddenly became deserted as everyone moved over to the small corner.  They completely surrounded the small corner, not leaving a single opening.

“Yi?  Where are all the business owners?  Why are they all gone?”

On the other side of the street, there were two people slowly walking over.

The walking in front was the tall black clothed man and the blue clothed youth was walking behind him.

The blue clothed youth’s face filled with surprise.

His master was in a bad mood, so he suggested that they come and walk around here because he knew that there were some interesting and strange things being sold here.  Perhaps there would be something here that would cure his master’s boredom.

But he never would have expected the bustling street to be completely deserted.  He found it strange that there was not a single person here.

The black clothed man had no expressions on his face.  When his deep and dark eyes looked at the corner, his eyes slightly trembled.

The originally secluded corner was completely filled with people as if the all the people from the street had moved over.  He had no idea what was happening.

“Xiao Si.”  He said in light voice.

“This servant understands.”

Xiao Si immediately ran off to the corner and then squeezed his way through the crowd.  When he finally reached the front, he tiptoed over the crowd to take a look and couldn’t help being overjoyed.

It was actually her!

This truly was not gaining anything trying hard and gaining something with no effort!

Xiao Si was so happy that his lips were almost drawn to the back of his head.

The reason why his master was in a bad mood was all because of her!

He was so happy that he wanted to jump three feet into the air.  Right as he wanted to squeeze back through the crowd to report back to the black clothed man, in that moment, he couldn’t move.

At this moment, Chen Ning was talking to a middle aged man.  After saying a few things, the middle aged man could not help being shocked and he felt as if she was someone from heaven.

“Divine fortune telling girl, what you said is completely correct.  Hearing the divine fortune telling girl’s words today is better than learning for ten years.  This is just a little gratitude for you.  Please accept this token of appreciations divine fortune telling girl.”

That middle aged man took out a red packet and respectfully placed it in front of Chen Ning.  He then cupped his hands at her and walked away.

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