Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Turning cow dung into a flower

Those that came to King Ding Yuan’s palace, these were all people that had influence in the capital.  They were all outstanding nobles.

If they chose to support someone, they could even turn a pile of cow dung into a flower.

But if they chose to oppress someone, the poisonous words from their mouth could be comparable to actual poison!

These people all loved to gossip.  Encountering this kind of large thing, how could they not be happy?

But everyone wanted to avoid making Chu Shao Yang from losing face so no one accused him of doing anything wrong.  Everything was directed at Chen Bi Yun.  Each word was like a spear or arrow, each sentence was like a knife, all stabbing into Chen Bi Yun’s heart.

As Chen Bi Yun listened to each word of ridicule, she wanted to hide in a hole to escape from the shame

This was supposed to be the happiest and proudest day of her life, but it had become a day filled with shame she could never wash off for the rest of her life!

Everything that happened, it was all given to them from Chen Ning!

She suddenly felt a deep hatred toward Chen Ning.  She wanted to rip her skin off and destroy her bones and muscles……

But her heart filled with doubts.  The matter of her being pregnant, other than herself, there were only two other people that knew.

Her mother would definitely keep her secret and the doctor that had performed the diagnosis was already a ghost.  Dead people, definitely could not leak secrets!

Other than them, even Chu Shao Yang didn’t even know about it.

How did Chen Ning find out?

“Ha, everyone says that second miss Ning is the most beautiful woman in the capital, but who would have thought that this beautiful woman would have long been deflowered.  She still had the guts to portray an icy jade like appearance!

“Taking a wife and receiving this, King Ding Yuan was truly tricked this time, ha, ha.”

“Who knows if the child in her belly even belongs to King Ding Yuan?”

“That’s right, a cheap woman like her, who knows how many quests in the bedroom she’s had!”

“Aiya, if I knew second miss Chen was this kind of person, I would have tried to get together with her.  Maybe I could have had a taste of second miss Chen.  It truly is a pity!”

The spoiled young masters of the capital continued to say things about here.  They kept becoming more and more unrestrained and more and more crude.

Their fathers were court ministers or officials and they kept relying on their fathers’ reputation to act unscrupulously in the capital city.  They acted rampantly, not even putting Chu Shao Yang into their eyes as they said whatever they wanted to say.

They had no intentions to keep their voices low.  Every word they said all sounded out in Chu Shao Yang’s ears.

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned from white to red, red to green, and finally green to black.  In the end, it turned as dark as ink.

Deserving death!

Truly deserving death!

Chu Shao Yang tightly gripped his fists as his chest began to fluctuate up and down.  His chest almost burst from the anger boiling inside of him.

The temple of his head began to jump up and down as pain drilled into his head.

He suddenly found out that his beloved woman was already pregnant, but he was not able to feel the joys of being a father because the overwhelming criticism all around him had already made him feel as if he was drowning.

All he felt right now was limitless shame.  He was so angry he wanted to just kill someone.

This originally happy wedding had become a place of shame for him.  All the people that had come to congratulate him, all of them were now laughing at him!

“Chen Bi Yun!”  He forced these three words out of his teeth and his eyes seemed capable of spitting out flames as he stared at Chen Bi Yun.

The news of her being pregnant, even he didn’t know, yet somehow Chen Ning knew.  Even if he didn’t think about it, he was clear on one thing.  It had to be her that told Chen Ning about it.

This kind of private matter, how could she speak of it so casually?

Especially the fact that she had told Chen Ning and had not chosen to tell him anything.

It was really with long hair, one can’t see one’s nose!

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