Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: Strange occurrences under the heavens

Chen Ning’s eyes flew past Chu Shao Yang’s face.  She didn’t ignore his low hanging eyebrows and the deep hatred in his eyes.

Very good, this kind of naturally cool man has finally been irritated by me.

The past era her had not only been a master of memory, but she had also been an expert in reading expressions.  Through the subtleties of a person’s expression and their body language, it was possible to understand a person’s inner thinkings.

Although Chu Shao Yang tried to force down his anger and not show a visible expression, but the tiny changes in his face was enough to display what was in his heart.

When a person was filled with rage, his eyebrows would fall, his eyes would become bigger, and lips would be tightly pressed together.  Chu Shao Yang currently had this kind of expression.

He was like an angry beast, about to charge forward at any minute.

If she didn’t go now, when would she go?

Chen Ning would not stay here to be a grain of sand in his eyes and would not become something for him to vent his anger on.

But before she left, she would still have to light the last fire.

“Your highness, little sister, there is a saying called ‘a minute of a spring night is worth a thousand pieces of gold’.  I have already drank the old woman’s tea and given your gift, you should go into the bridal chambers now.”

Chen Ning got up from her chair while smiling.  She didn’t even look at Chu Shao Yang and holding Xiao Ru’s hand, she pulled her out of the church.

Chu Shao Yang stared at her leaving figure, his eyes were completely cold.

“Oh, that’s right.  Little sister, there is something elder sister has to remind you of!”  Chen Ning suddenly stopped and turned around.  Smiling as she looked at Chen Bi Yun, her eyes fell onto her lower abdomen and she blinked, “My little sister, you are pregnant now, when you need to drink during the ceremony, it is better if you don’t really drink.  Also, when you go to the bridal chamber, your highness, you have to be tender with her.  You can’t harm the child in my little sister’s stomach!”

After finishing, her lips curled into a smile and she turned to leave.  Her red clothes fluttered like a butterfly and in a blink of an eye, she disappeared around the corner.

She might have left, but the sentence she said before leaving was like a giant stone tossed into a calm lake.  It was like setting off heaven collapsing waves in the crowd.

When everyone had first news of Chen Bi Yun being pregnant, everyone was shocked that they couldn’t even react.  Following that they had witnessed a good play.

That was the fact that King Ding Yuan’s princess didn’t care about the golden crown and had given it the second miss Chen who was getting married.

What did she mean by this?

It clearly meant that she didn’t want this coveted princess position!

It was hard to imagine that King Ding Yuan wanted by all the women in the capital city, would actually be abandoned by his hideous princess.

Ha, ha, seeing this King Ding Yuan that held everyone in the palm of his hands being beaten like this, it was scene rarely seen in a hundred years.

This trip to the wedding feast wasn’t a waste.  If they missed this kind of show, wouldn’t they have regretted it for the rest of their lives?

There was not a single person that didn’t know or recognize King Ding Yuan, Chu Shao Yang.  He was the spoiled son of the emperor.  In the capital city, he threw his weight around and did as he pleased.

But, the higher the tree, the stronger the wind.  People that would normally be jealous of him doing as he wished, were also most of the people here.

Seeing Chu Shao Yang being embarrassed like this, it was a very happy occasion for them.

“What?  Is second miss Chen really pregnant?  Did I hear wrong?”

“Pregnancy before marriage, this is definitely one of the strange occurrences under the heaven!”

“No wonder they were happy to marry her to King Ding Yuan in a rush.  It seemed like there was a little one inside her stomach!”

“A respectable family’s young lady, even if they send her away, they should still follow customs.  The actually did this kind of cruel things.  Ah, pei!  They really don’t care about their image!”

“No sense of honor.  They are simply bringing shame to general Chen’s face!”

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