Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: A good show

“Your highness, I……my body……”Chen Bi Yun’s face was covered with the veil, she couldn’t see Chu Shao Yang’s murderous eyes, but she could hear the anger and cold in his voice.  She couldn’t help saying something, but she didn’t know what to say.

What could she say?

Should she deny it?  Or should she silently accept it?

“You……have simply thrown away this king’s face!”  Chu Shao Yang said with a hate filled voice.

After finishing, he threw out his sleeves and walked into the back hall.

“Your highness……Your highness!  Please listen to me explain, please listen to me explain!  Things aren’t like this, your highness, concubine’s body is clean!”

Chen Bi Yun had given up on displaying the image of a proper girl as she chased right after Chu Shao Yang.

She was in such a hurry that she even forgot to remove the red veil atop her head.  Her eyes couldn’t see as a stool fell from who knows where, falling right by her feet.

She couldn’t react in time and suddenly fell down.  She fell on the ground face first.

“Ah!”  She let out a cry.


Hearing her scream, Chu Shao Yang stopped walking away and turned his head.  He was just in time to see Chen Bi Yun fall onto the ground.  Her hands were around her abdomen and she had a face of pain.

“It hurts……My stomach……It really hurts!”

Chen Bi Yun broke out in cold sweat as she clutched her stomach and groaned painfully, “Child, my child……Your highness, save me.  Save our child……”

She was scared and in pain.  She longer cared about shame as she loudly cried.

This child, she would keep no matter what.

Because by keeping this child, she could have the hope of being King Ding Yuan’s princess.  If she didn’t have the child, she would fall far from being able to obtain the princess position.

“Doctor, quickly go to the doctor!”

Chu Shao Yang hugged Chen Bi Yun, as he shouted in a hoarse voice.  His heart jumped up in his chest as it beated painfully.

He now refused to blame Chen Bi Yun.  This child, their child had to be fine!

If anything happened to them, he would definitely kill the mother and son of the person that harmed them.

The steward’s face turned white as his legs became numb.  He promised to run out for help, but he only ran halfway before coming back.

“Your, your highness, little one doesn’t have a token, I can’t enter the palace……”

“Take it!”  Chu Shao Yang ripped off the jade token on his waist and threw it to the steward without any hesitation.  Then one of his foot came up and shot out at the steward, “Scram quickly!  If something happens to Yun’er, then this king wants your life!”

The steward rolled off on the ground, he didn’t even dare look back.

“Yun’re, Yun’er!”  Chu Shao Yang clinged tightly to Chen Bi Yun.  Seeing the eyes turn white from the pain and that she had already fainted, he felt even more anxious.  He once again loudly shouted, “Come, get the best doctor in the city!  Also bring the best midwife!”

The subordinates all promised and ran out the door.  Because they were too rushed, many people got stuck together and fell onto the ground.

Suddenly the originally happy and calm wedding hall became a giant, chaotic mess.

“Waste!  Fools!  Seeking death!”  Chu Shao Yang angrily shouted out.

Seeing this kind of happy event turn into this kind of farce, the guests didn’t know whether they should sit there silently and watch this joke, or if they should go forward and try to comfort King Ding Yuan.

The expressions on everyone’s faces were varied and colourful.

But, everyone felt in their hearts, it was definitely worth it to come to King Ding Yuan’s wedding today!

It was a play filled with great scenes one after another.  If was filled with a wide variety of emotions, comedy, and interesting things.  It was simply too interesting.

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