Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Smashing the stage

Right as Chen Ning finished talking, everyone around her rushed off together.  They all charged for the corner, running as fast as rabbits.

Xiao Ru was surprised when she saw this scene and her heart filled with admiration.

The young miss really knows how to do things.  A sentence can move all these people.

Her eyes quickly looked at all the people standing near the corner and it seemed like her eyes were glowing.  She was silently counting all the people on her fingers.

One person was ten silver coins, two people were twenty silver coins, and three people were thirty silver coins……There seemed to be countless silver bills appearing in front of her eyes.

Very quickly, her hands were sore from counting all the money.

She happily narrowed her eyes together.


Chen Ning slapped the back of her head and woke the little girl up.

“Little girl, what are you thinking?  Why aren’t you going to rent the table from that woodwork shop already!”

Xiao Ru seemed like she had awoken from a dream as she happily ran off to the woodwork shop.

Chen Ning smiled as she walked over to the corner, but her thoughts were not as simple as the expression she showed.

This was because she already knew that at least half the people here getting their fortunes read were just here to make trouble for her and to laugh at her.

If she was even a little careless and allowed these people to cause a little bit of trouble, then she would not be able to come back from it.

The line was very long, it actually went to the end of the street.  It seemed like the people from before had doubled.

There were a few that were here to watch the fun and of course there were those that were here to cause trouble.

When Xiao Ru who was carrying the table and chairs came over and saw this scene, she was so happy that her mouth could not close.

The first person in line was that loud voiced and round waisted man.

He was very tall and had thick arms.  He had pushed everyone behind him and there was no one capable of sneaking around him.

He sat down right in front of Chen Ning.

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile and said, “This big brother, are you here to read your fortune with words or appearances?”

The man stretched out his fan like large hand and placed it on the table.  He said in a rough voice, “I don’t know how to read or write, so you can just read my palm.”

“Alright.”  Chen Ning gave a quick response.

She had never read people’s palms before, but it did not mean she could not pretend.

“This big brother, what do you want to know?”  Chen Ning smiled and asked.

“I am twenty three year old this year, but I still haven’t found a wife yet.  Help me calculate my fortune and tell me when I’ll be able to find a beautiful wife.”  The man laughed and said.

After he finished talking, the crowd began to boo him.

There were some people that couldn’t help saying, “I say little brother, are you getting your fortune told or trying to get a blind date?  This girl is just a fortune teller, not a matchmaker.”

“Of course not.  If I can get a wife through fortune telling, why would I still need a matchmaker!”

“Aren’t you clearly trying to make it hard for her!”

“Of course, I’m not here to get my fortune told.  I’m just here to ruin this girl’s stage!”

There were some people that couldn’t tolerate him and began to accuse the man.

The man stared at the crowd and angrily shouted like a bull, “Why can’t she calculate it?  If she can’t even calculate this, how could she considered divine?  She might as well close the stall as soon as possible!”

He turned and looked at Chen Ning, then he forcefully slapped the table, “Tell me, can you calculate this or not!”

Very good!

The first customer to come forward was already a troublemaker.

Chen Ning knew that if she didn’t properly send him off, then trouble would keep coming from now on.  Then her fortune telling business would be finished after today.

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