Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 84

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Chapter 84: A dream of peach blossoms

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned livid from his anger and he angrily screamed, “Scram!”  He raised his foot and ruthlessly kicked Lan Xiang.

“Your highness, it’s all this concubine’s fault for not teaching her properly.  Please appease your anger your highness.”  Chen Bi Yun’s face filled with shame as she admitted her wrongs in a low voice.

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold snort.  Although he was angry, he still knew that Chen Bi Yun was pregnant and could not suffer his anger.  He forced down his rage and stepped into the room.

But the moment he entered, he was hit by the odor.  He couldn’t help coughing a few times.

Chen Bi Yun’s face turned red with shame and she said in a low voice, “This consort’s stomach is hurting from what she ate, so your highness should go somewhere else to rest.”

Usually whenever Chu Shao Yang came to the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion, she almost treated like a golden phoenix falling from the sky and tried her best to keep him here.  This was the first time a situation had occurred where she actually tried to get Chu Shao Yang to leave.

But she was also afraid of upsetting him by being forceful.  She could clearly see that with each minute Chu Shao Yang’s facial expression became uglier.

Even if she didn’t mention it, Chu Shao Yang would not have been able to stay here much longer.

He was not silly.  This room was filled with a strange scent he was not willing to smell.

“You are pregnant so from now on you should eat light foods.  Also this kind doesn’t like light foods so you’ll be having breakfast by yourself from now on.”

After he finished talking, he turned around and left.

Chen Bi Yun stood there in a daze as she stared at Chu Shao Yang’s back.  She was biting her lips so hard that they began to bleed.

After Chu Shao Yang left the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion, he went to the peach blossom forest.  Even his personal attendant Xiao An Zi did not follow him.

He lied back atop a branch and the wind gently blew as he closed his eyes.  When he heard the approaching footsteps, he couldn’t help knitting his brows.

This peach blossom forest was his forbidden area.  Without his order, there was no one that dared to come close to it.  There should have been no one that did not know his rules.

So who was it that was so daring that they actually disobeyed his orders and trespassed on his territory?

He angrily opened his eyes, but a graceful girl’s back appeared in his line of sight.

Her hair hung down as beautiful as clouds, or fog, or flowing water as she tried to obtain her hairpin from the branch of a peach tree.  Her long sleeves slid down, revealing her snow white jade lotus arms.

After she retrieved her hairpin, her head slightly turned and revealed half of her face.  Her lips were creased, revealed faint dimples.  The style of that one smile could be considered difficult to draw.

Chu Shao Yang’s body turned numb, just like he had been struck by lightning and he was instantly stunned.

His mind went completely blank and he just stayed there watching that young girl’s back as she disappeared like a lotus floating on the wind from his line of sight.

After a long time, he finally came back to his senses.

Who was she?

Who exactly was this young girl?

Chu Shao Yang felt as if her back was a little familiar, like they had met before, but he couldn’t think of where.

He jumped out of the tree and activated his qinggong, rushing off into the direction the young girl had disappeared in.

Once he reached the garden door, Chen Ning and Xiao Ru had long since disappeared.

Chu Shao Yang stood at the door as his eyes clouded over.  He stared at the dusk clouds that seemed like they were on fire as he recalled the figure he had just seen.  It all seemed like a dream.

As he stood there stunned for a moment, then he turned and went back into the peach blossom forest.  He waved his sleeves and cleared all the peach blossoms that fell.  Then he silently sat down on the floor.

Walking back to where that girl had retrieved her hairpin from, gently twisted the branch.  The branch that had a few buds that still had not bloomed yet easily broke off.

He stared at that flower bud, but what appeared in front of him was that young girl’s faint smile.

Had he really dreamed a peach blossom dream?

Of course Chu Shao Yang never would have imagined that this girl that he could not forget was the person he hated most and his engaged princess, Chen Ning.

This was because he had never seen Chen Ning before.  Even if he met her face to face, he still would not recognize her.

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