Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 767

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Chapter 767: From now on, she is this prince’s princess

Although Empress Dowager Zhou slapped her daughter out of rage, she had to admit that the Eldest Princess’ words were reasonable.

But compared to the nation’s matters, sacrificing a trivial Chen Ning did not count for anything.

Not to mention her being the Ding Yuan Princess, even if she was the emperor’s empress, as long as the East Qin Crown Prince liked her, she as the Empress Dowager had to nod in agreement.

“An Le, you’re not allowed to say another word.  If you dare speak again, this widow will send you out to be married!” Empress Dowager Zhou reprimanded in a sharp voice.

“Royal mother, you…..”

The Eldest Princess was trembling from anger.  She always respected her mother, but this was the first time she found that her mother was so unfamiliar that she couldn’t recognize her at all.

“Princess, don’t quibble with the Empress Dowager, she is doing this for your good.  If there is any matters, the emperor will make a decision naturally.” A gentle and mellow voice sounded in her ear.  A warm hand grabbed her hand and slowly closed, tightly holding her trembling hand in his hand.

The Eldest Princess turned around and she met Ye Ting Xuan’s gentle gaze.

His voice was like stream.  Although it wasn’t strong like fire, it was a slow trickle that actually extinguished the fire in her heart drop by drop.

She nodded and sat down beside Ye Ting Xuan.  She rested her chin on her hands and watched the scene below the stands.

“Very good, it seems like the emperor and the Empress Dowager are in favour of my marriage to Ah Ning.  Before I met her, this prince never thought that I would meet my destined woman on this trip to West Chu.  When I met her, this prince knew that she was the one this prince wanted to marry, the only one this prince would take as a princess!”

Na Mu Cuo raised his voice and said his words in both the East Qin and West Chu languages.

The area was silent.

No one said a word and everyone looked at him in a daze.

Na Mu Cuo looked down on the spectators.  Although he was standing on the ground, his appearance made him look like a king of the world.  That arrogance, that appearance of disdaining the whole world.

He took a black thing from his neck which looked like an iron cast goshawk with both wings spread.

This thing seemed normal, but when the East Qin stand’s people saw it, their faces all changed.

“This goshawk is the inherited symbol of my East Qin Country.  Ah Ning, I’ll give it to you today and from this day forth, you are my, Na Mu Cuo’s woman!”

Na Mu Cuo’s expression was very serious as he placed the goshawk onto Chen Ning’s neck.

“Greetings to the Princess!”  The East Qin stand’s people shouted like a wave, paying respects to Chen Ning.

Although they shouted in the East Qin language and Chen Ning couldn’t understand them, she still understood the meaning when she saw their respectful appearance.  These East Qin people had already accepted her position.

Na Mu Cuo did what he said, he gave her glory, prestige, nobility that others could not match.

From this day forth, she became the East Qin Country’s Princess.  Even when faced with Mo Chuan, she did not need to bow. She could proudly stand in front of everyone just like Na Mu Cuo and enjoy their respect and attention!

Chen Ning stroked the goshawk Na Mu Cuo hung in front of her chest.  The iron goshawk was ice cold and rough, but it represented supreme authority and glory.

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