Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 766

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Chapter 766: Why

But why!

Why did a weak woman have to sacrifice herself and bear the rise and fall of the nation?  Had all of the West Chu men died? They were silently watching Ning’er enter the fire, but no one was reaching out to pull her back!  Why!

Why were these men all cold and cruel!

Also her royal brother!

Since Ning’er appeared until now, he did not say a single word!  He did not even let out a single fart!

The Eldest Princess angrily raised her head and glared at Mo Chuan on the stage!

Mo Chuan’s face was calm the entire time.  He was looking at Chen Ning, but his eyes contained no excitement, no anger, no hurt, and no despair.

His seemingly emotionless expression almost made the Eldest Princess’ stomach explode with rage.

“Royal brother, speak!  You are the country’s ruler and your niece in law is about to become someone else’s princess.  Do you really not have a single word to say?”

The Eldest Princess directly released her anger.  Her heart was discontent and she spoke out without care.  If it wasn’t on account of the royal family’s face, she would have said it in an even uglier fashion.

“An Le, audacious!  How can you talk to the emperor like this!”

Before Mo Chuan could speak, Empress Dowager Zhou’s expression already sunk and she scolded her.

“You are a woman, you don’t need to worry about the nation’s matters.  The emperor knows what to do in his heart! Come up here for this widow and obediently sit down.”  Empress Dowager Zhou glared down at her.

“Royal mother……”

“Come up!”

Eldest Princess An Le was unwilling as he walked onto the stage and walked beside Empress Dowager Zhou.  She still could not hold it in as she turned to Mo Chuan and blurted out.

“Royal brother, are you dumb or mute, why don’t you say anything?  Could it be you’re willing to see Ning’er be married off to East Qin?”

“Pa!”  A clear slap sound rang out.

The Eldest Princess’ eyes opened wide in shock.  She looked at Empress Dowager Zhou in front of her in a daze, not being able to react for a while.

“Royal mother, you hit me?  Why would you hit me? Is it because your daughter dares to say things no one else dares say?  But your daughter wants to say it and your daughter will not submit! Why do those men take care of the country and hold their high positions?  They don’t make a single suggestion when the country is in danger and they shrink their heads back instead, sending Ning’er out to be married! Why!”

Her words gave the West Chu ministers no face at all.  They lowered their heads as their hearts filled with shame.

They wanted to do something for the country and give suggestions, but the other side was the East Qin Crown Prince, what kind of methods could they give?  They could only swallow their pride in front of the East Qin’s might.

Just now, when the heard the East Qin Crown Prince wanted to marry a West Chu girl, they were all stunned with happiness.  They felt that sending out a girl for the peace of the kingdom was simply an incredible matter.

But they never thought that the girl being sent out wasn’t willing and was being wronged!

But thinking about it, even if she isn’t happy and she is being sacrificed, it was better than sacrificing the happiness of all the West Chu citizens.

The West Chu ministers tried to find balance in their hearts, but faced with the Eldest Princess’ accusations, they couldn’t raise their heads and their faces began to burn.

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