Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 763

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Chapter 763: Using life to love

Chu Shao Yang’s chest had been pierced an inch by the dagger and it left a bloody wound, causing half his clothes to turn red.

The Eldest Princess took out ointment as she carefully stopped his bleeding and covered his wound.

Chu Shao Yang’s face was white, but his back was straight.  He completely ignored his bleeding chest wound and looked right at Chen Ning, not blinking at all.

But Chen Ning from beginning to end did not even look at him from the corner of her eye.  She kept talking to the Eldest Princess.

“Eldest Princess, the previous Chen Ning did love Chu Shao Yang, but that Chen Ning is already dead.  As for the reborn me, I don’t feel any love for him, rather I have a deep hatred for him! Let me ask you, how can a woman love a person who has always tortured and hated her?”

The Eldest Princess was stunned.  Her hands stopped as she looked at Chen Ning in a daze, asking in a puzzled voice, “Hate?  He clearly loves you?”

She had never seen a man with love as strong as Chu Shao Yang’s.  He simply used his life to love her! It was Chu Shao Yang’s strong and passionate feelings that had deeply moved the Eldest Princess.

She had a fiery temper and was straight forward.  She was very clear on love and hate. She loved Ye Ting Xuan and she knew that Ye Ting Xuan also loved her, but in this love, she always felt that something was missing.

Ye Ting Xuan’s feelings for her was like flowing water, fine as a stream, thin and long, but it was missing a kind of fiery excitement.

She wanted someone like Chu Shao Yang, using their life to love her, making her feel like she was burning up.  So, she was yearned for love that Chu Shao Yang gave Chen Ning.

It was because it was something she wanted, but couldn’t obtain, she always felt dissatisfied for Chu Shao Yang whenever she saw Chen Ning look down on it.

Chen Ning closed her eyes.  When she opened them again, they were as clear as water, without any waves.

She revealed a faint smile which had a trace of ridicule.

“Love me?  Eldest Princess, does he really love me?  When I fainted after vomiting blood, he neither called a doctor for me or sent medicine to me, he just sent me into a tiny firewood shack and allowed me to die.  He was busy getting married to his beloved woman! When Chen Bi Yun tried to harm me repeatedly, he ignored it all and even personally made a move! He kicked me into the lake to let me drown, he allowed me to fall to my death from my horse, he put my head underwater to drown me, and even snuck into my room in the middle of the night to kill me…..If my life wasn’t strong, I would have died several times by his hand!  Love me, if a woman in this world was loved by a man like this, should she feel blessed or should she feel pained? Should she be happy or should she be in sorrow?”

When she spoke, the entire field was silent.

Everyone piqued their ears and listened quietly.

Her words were very calm, but the listener’s hearts were not calm.

Everyone was on Chu Shao Yang’s side at first because his confession had been too touching and many weak hearted people were moved to tears by him.  Everyone was annoyed by Chen Ning’s heartlessness and thought that she was a cheap woman. When she saw the East Qin Crown Prince’s high status and handsome appearance, she abandoned her husband to rise onto that high branch.

Who would have thought the matters between the two of them would have such a twist!

The Eldest Princess stood there in a daze.  She could not say a single word in response to Chen Ning’s question.

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  1. I treated her like that because he didn’t know she was the one that saved him, he thought it was her sister, but he was cruel then and now, because his love is selfish.

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