Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 764

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Chapter 764: Losing face for men

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned red and green.  After a while, he finally said, “Ning’er, I did all of that because I loved the wrong person!  I did not know the person I should love is you…..”

“He, he, loved the wrong person, what a good line!  The things you’ve done to me, can they all be avoided because you say you loved the wrong person?”

Chen Ning gave a cold laugh before turning her head, looking at Chu Shao Yang with her star like eyes.  This was her first time looking at him since arriving here and Chu Shao Yang’s body trembled, swallowing the words he wanted to say.

“Chu Shao Yang, I believed you and I gave you a chance.  I personally promised you that I would return to your side that day, but what about you?  What did you do to me?”

Her eyes made Chu Shao Yang unable to not wince.  His lips became tight as he was silent.

Chen Ning looked up and she slowly swept over the people on the stands before it fell onto the Eldest Princess’ face.  Her voice clearly rang out.

“Eldest Princess, do you want to know what happened after the competition?  I fainted because I had overtaxed my body and when I woke up, I found myself locked up in a dark place where I couldn’t see my fingers in front of my face.  It was an underground stone room and my hands and legs were all locked up by cold iron chains. It was Chu Shao Yang! He locked my up in this stone room and said he would lock my up for the rest of my life!  Following this, he gave me a drug, one that is hard to talk about! He wanted me to kneel and beg him! He wanted to break my self respect and pride! He wanted me as a slave that fell under his feet for the rest of my life!  Eldest Princess, this is so called method of loving someone! He, he, being loved by this kind of man, am I blessed? Or am I not?”

Her voice was cold, but everyone’s blood was boiling as they heard this.  The eyes looking at Chu Shao Yang couldn’t help being filled with anger and contempt.

This….Was this something a man should do?  This was simply losing face for all men!

The Eldest Princess couldn’t hold it in anymore as she sent a heavy slap across Chu Shao Yang’s right cheek.

She felt she was still angry after a slap, so her hand came back again.  She angrily scolded, “Chu Shao Yang! Are you a beast! You…..Are you still a human?”

Her eyes were already filled with tears.  Looking at Chen Ning, her heart was filled with guilt and remorse.

“Ning’er, I didn’t know things were like this.  I’ve wrongly accused you, please don’t be angry with me.”

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile as she said while shaking her head, “Eldest Princess, you’ve always been good to me, I can never be angry with you.”

Chu Shao Yang’s face was slapped by the Eldest Princess twice and they began to swell.  It made his handsome face look swollen.

Although these slaps hurt, it couldn’t compare to the pain in his heart.

He willingly accepted these two slaps.

“Ning’er, I did all of that because I was afraid to lose you!  If I didn’t love you, I…..How could I have done all those crazy things?”  He loudly shouted out.

“Love?  Are you worthy of saying the word love?  You did not love me at all, you just wanted to possess me!  You don’t understand love and you will not give love. Chu Shao Yang, when you understand what is love one day, you will receive a woman’s heart.  I am very unlucky, being tortured by your ‘love’, being threatened by your ‘love’. Chu Shao Yang, what kind of face do you have to say you ‘love’ me!”

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  1. Luna says:

    This last paragraph. Boi. She said it all. What a “love” indeed, that threaten, that tortures and that bring somebody down.

    There’s one thing she still didn’t say tho and I have been waiting for it all the while. One way to completely screw him over, and get everything she wants.. And yet, I think she won’t say it because plot.
    She has to be dumb sometimes else there won’t be more 700chs with the couple apart.

    She just freaking needs to tell in front of everyone of how she was the only person that could beat Na Mu Cuo on the first match, and that was the specialist Shao Bai was searching for. That she had the decree and all, and that he wouldn’t let her compete.
    He’d have the country lose the tourney but wouldn’t let her leave. That she had to strike a deal for that and then he made her burn the imperial decree. Then beg and knee for having burnt the decree, say it was for the good of the country aaand voila!

    If he doesn’t lose his neck for that, then he himself will want the exile. Lest all his fellow ministers kill him for that.

    And thanks for the chapter! I’m loving seeing the public opinion change <3

  2. loullax says:

    Thanks. Previous comment is so right.

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