Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 762

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Chapter 762: This punishment, it’s enough

The Eldest Princess landed and reached out to take the dagger in Chu Shao Yang’s hand.

Chu Shao Yang stepped off and already moved three feet to the side, dodging the Eldest Princess.

“Royal aunt, don’t stop me.  If Ning’er truly leaves with him, what meaning is there for me to live in this world?  Ning’er never believed that my heart is true, then I’ll dig my heart out for her to see!”

Chu Shao Yang revealed a faint smile to the Eldest Princess.  His eyes were clear, but they had a deep despair and pain.

This gaze immediately subdued the Eldest Princess.

She had always been on Chen Ning’s side, but seeing Chen Ning stand on the East Qin Crown Prince’s side, this was a fact she could never accept.

She bit her lips and looked at Chen Ning, loudly saying, “Ning’er, Shao Yang is willing to dig his heart out for you, do you still not believe him?  Even if he was truly wrong and has offended you, isn’t this punishment enough? He’s willing to apologize to you in front of all these people, even giving up his face as a man.  There really aren’t many people in this world who could do this, even this princess’ husband might not do this, can you really not forgive him? Could it be you really like…..that East Qin barbarian?”

She did not know of the matter of Chu Shao Yang locking her up and drugging her, she thought these two were having a marital dispute.  In her heart, she still wished the two of them could make up. Even if Chu Shao Yang made a thousand mistakes, his love for her wasn’t a lie.

What made her even more confused was that even if Chen Ning really did not like Chu Shao Yang, there was still Mo Chuan!  Could it be that her royal brother wasn’t a thousand times better than this East Qin barbarian?

So when she saw Chen Ning come out of the carriage beside Na Mu Cuo, she was already close to exploding.

She wanted to jump down and scold Chen Ning, but Ye Ting Xuan forcefully held her back, so she kept it in.

Chen Ning’s eyes finally changed.  Since she walked out of the carriage, she always had a cold look, standing at Na Mu Cuo’s side without moving.

She slowly looked at the Eldest Princess and softly said.

“Eldest Princess, you have always treated me well, very, very well.  Even when I leave here, I will never forget your grace towards me.”

Her voice was as clear as always, seeming just like her.

But these words actually incited the Eldest Princess even more.

She loudly said, “Ning’er, I don’t want you to remember my kindness, I just hope you won’t regret your decision today.  Does this East Qin barbarian truly love you? He only loves you for your appearance. You have only known him for a few days and you and Chu Shao Yang have already been married, he is truly committed to you!  This princess has never seen him approach any other women before and now he is humbling himself like this, bowing his head. What does he need to do for you to forgive him!”

Her words were simply speaking the words deep down in Chu Shao Yang’s heart.

Chu Shao Yang looked at the Eldest Princess with a gaze of gratitude as he whispered, “Royal aunt, you truly understand your nephew’s heart.  If Ning’er were like you, even if I were to die for her…..” His words were caught in his throat as tears began to fill his eyes.

The Eldest Princess forcefully grabbed the wrist holding the dagger.  This time Chu Shao Yang did not dodge and the Eldest Princess easily took the dagger from his hand.

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