Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 760

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Chapter 760: Hopeful and inaccessible

That girl completely ignored Chu Shao Yang.  After walking out of the carriage, she stood against the wind.

She was wearing a long white robe with a large red cloak over her.  That bright red cloak danced in the wind like a strong burning flame, instantly drawing in everyone’s attention.

She held Na Mu Cuo’s outstretched hand and came down from the carriage in front of everyone.  Then she reached out her slender white fingers as she fixed her hair messed up by the wind and looked up.

There was the a cold breath of air coming from all around them.

The people in the stands were all staring at this girl as their mouths opened wide.  Each person revealed a look of shock and disbelief.

Her clothes were like flying snow and her face was picturesque.  Underneath those dense eyelashes, there was a pair of point like dark eyes, clear and gentle, like the stars in the sky gathered together.  The beads in her hair reflected the light of the sun, but it couldn’t cover her bright charm at all.

She was clearly an elegant being.

But what made people’s chins fall to the ground was not her beauty, but rather her identity!

Three days ago, in this same place and at the same hour, she had ride upon a date red horse and had made a big splash in the competition with the East Qin Crown Prince!

Everyone here recognized her and had a deep impression of her.

Even if they wanted to pretend they didn’t recognize her, it was impossible.

Especially the ministers on the West Chu stands, they all had very ugly expressions.

They never would have thought that the girl picked by the East Qin Crown Prince would actually be King Ding Yuan’s legal princess!

To have a royal family’s princess marry outside the country, this had never happened before in the West Chu Country.  Although because East Qin was stronger than West Chu, the East Qin Crown Prince had a higher status than King Ding Yuan, the ministers all felt it was hard to accept.

If they had to deliver their wives to someone else, they would rather die than agree.

This was the biggest humiliation for a man!

So everyone looked at Chu Shao Yang and waited to see what he would do.

“Forget it!  Na Mu Cuo, forget it!”  Chu Shao Yang roared through gritted teeth.

His eyes looked straight.  Since she had appeared, his eyes had never left her.  Up to the point she looked up, he realized that she was even more charming compared to before.

“Ning’er, come over!”  He said again. His eyes were like that of a cheetah, revealing the fierce look of a beast, but he had suppressed his voice until it was calm.

“As long as you come over, this king can forget about everything you’ve done before.”  He calmly said.

That’s right, as long as she returned to his side, he could act like nothing had happened.  He did not care that she was at another man’s side for three days, he did not care if she was pure or not, he did not care about anything.

As a man, he felt that he was completely useless and did not have any prospects.  He was truly in despair!

But even if he was in despair, he did not want to suffer the pain of losing her.  Even if her heart did not have him, as long as he could have her, he would accept it.

But if anyone wanted to take her from his side, he would never allow it!

He would have have her die than to have her marry the East Qin Crown Prince as his princess!

Chen Ning did not look at him at all.  Her clothes caught the wind and fluttered in it.

Chu Shao Yang’s fingers slightly moved in the air, wanting to grab the flying hems of her cloak, but she was too far and he couldn’t reach her at all.

Her beauty was like the brightest cloud floating in the sky, making him wish for them, but never being able to reach them.

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