Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Do you believe I won’t kiss you?

Coming here everyday!

This young man actually said it so lightly.

Chen Ning couldn’t help chuckling.

“What, you don’t believe me?”  The young man raised his graceful eyebrows.  His dark and white eyes reflected the moonlight and began to shine.

“I believe!  Of course I believe!”  Chen Ning quickly nodded her head.

She remembered this young man’s character where he did whatever he said.  If he flew into her room and dragged her out every night, she would never be able to have a good night’s sleep again.

She looked up at the deep blue sky filled with stars, almost as if she could touch it all.

She felt like a child as she smiled and reached a hand out, pretending to pick the stars from the sky.  Who would have thought that her foot would slip and she would fall from the roof.

“Ah-”  Her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

If she fell from this height, wouldn’t her bones be completely crushed?

A hand shot out and grabbed her rotating body from the air.  She then fell into a warm and strong embrace, with an enlarged beautiful face in front of her.

The two of them were very close together.  The young man’s high nose was almost touching her nose and they could hear each other’s breathing.  His body seemed to have a kind of distinct aura which was being gently emitted.

Chen Ning and the young man both had their eyes wide open and she could see her own reflection in his pupils.

His eyes were very black, just like an endless well.  It made people unconsciously fall deep into his eyes, but she was currently startled.  

Under the stars, her eyes were bright and beautiful, as if the stars were falling right into her eyes.  It shined brightly and was absolutely dazzling.

The young man had never seen a pair of eyes this beautiful.

His breath was caught in his throat and his heart began to beat fast.

“Stinky little brat, thanks for saving me.  Can you let go of me now?”  Chen Ning suddenly said.

This position was too ambiguous.  She was basically lying against his arms with zero distance between the two of them.  She could hear his fast beating heart and without knowing why, her face began to feel hot and she felt very awkward.

Her words broke up the ambiguous atmosphere around them and that feeling that the young man had in his heart had completely disappeared.

“You!”  The beautiful young man fiercely grinded his teeth.  He waved a fist at Chen Ning and angrily threatened, “If you keep calling my stinky little brat, do you believe that I won’t……”

“You won’t what?  Do you still want to hit me?”  Chen Ning raised her nose up.

She didn’t believe this little brat would hit her.

“Humph, I’ve never hit a woman before, but if you keep calling me that, I’ll……I’ll…….I’ll kiss you!”  He finally blurted out.

His eyes fell onto her gentle pink lips.  Those lips were like a ripe attractive fruit and he was suddenly filled with an impulse to have a taste.

“What did you say?”  Chen Ning was stunned, she wasn’t sure what she had just heard.

That young man was also stunned.  His face filled with embarrassment because he never thought that he would actually say what he had just said.

He lowered his head, no longer daring to look at her bright eyes.  Her soft and gentle body was leaning against his arms and the wind blew her hair into his nose.  It itched, but it also brought a sweet smell that made him began to fantasize.  

His heart began to beat fast once again.

“I, I said, if you call me a stinky little brat again, I, I’ll kiss you!”  The young man showed a fierce expression as he showed Chen Ning his snow white teeth.

But Chen Ning could see that he was pretending with a single glance and couldn’t help pursing her lips into a smile.

This stinky little brat really is a stinky little brat, he’s actually shy!

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  1. AquaticSilver says:

    Ah dang 😀
    For some reason, im thinking if this guy is the same as the lots of money guy. Or perhaps, our MC just attracted two hotties. Come on, gather an army full of harem-hotties!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh my gosh, he’s stammering and blushing. Okay, im game. I ship him with CN!
      So cute! :3 but that black-robed dude too…ugh, this one is cute though. Better than that retarded of husband of hers.

  2. joellyanne says:

    CN hit a jackpot there. That stinky little brat seem to treat her well, have good strength and falling for her. Her future is bright when it comes to romance. Thanks.

  3. rosana ✨ says:

    This little guy is cute but I still prefer lots of 💰 ! 😉 Thank you~

  4. Yadane says:

    Little stinky guy is one step ahead of lots of money

    Thank you

  5. Anneka W says:

    I’ll accept anyone as long as it’s not her current husband!!!!!

  6. Kia says:

    damnit, i like the shy type too

  7. Milcha says:

    My heart melts, because of his cuteness

    I ship them!!

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