Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: Because I’m not happy

Her smile made the young man angry.  He bitterly glared at her and then released her.

The moment he released her, he felt a kind of reluctance.  His arms move a bit, as if he wanted to pull her back into his embrace.

This was the first time in nineteen years that he has hugged a girl.  He never knew that a girl’s body would be so light and soft, almost as if just touching it would cause it to break.  He was too scared to use any strength.

“Un, little, little……The sun is about to rise, send me back home.”

Chen Ning almost blurted out “stinky little brat” again, but luckily she caught herself.

She was afraid that the young man would do what he said.  If he really tried to kiss her, she would have no way of escaping.

Although she didn’t say it, the young man could understand her meaning.  He fiercely stared at her and angrily said, “I am called Chu Shao Bai!”

Chen Ning was surprised.

Chu Shao Bai?

It wasn’t all that different from Chu Shao Yang.  It didn’t even sound like a good name, there was nothing great about it.  It would have been better to just call him Xiao Bai.

Chen Ning thought this way, but she revealed a smile as she praised, “So you’re called Chu Shao Bai.  Un, that is a good name with a good meaning.  You’re rare even in the heavens and you are very beautiful, it truly is a good name.  It’s better than your third brother’s name by a hundred times!”

Her praises flowed naturally and her eyes did not even blink, it was just like she was telling the truth.

She knew that if she didn’t praise this little brat a little, he might throw her off the high palace roof if he became truly angry.  Then she would truly be up the creek without a paddle.

“Stop trying to flatter me!  Do you think that I’m a little kid who’s that easy to trick?”

Completely clashing with her expectations, Chu Shao Bai saw through her plans with a single glance.

He raised his chin and straightened his chest, making himself seem even taller.  He was clearly taller than her by a whole head.

She had to look up to see his face.

Stinky little brat, why are you this tall!

Chen Ning felt indignant and said with a serious face, “That’s right, of course you’re not a child and I’ve never tried to trick children.  But the sun really is rising so can you send me how?”

“No!”  Chu Shao Bai coldly looked at her.


“Because, I’m not happy!”

Chu Shao Bai put on a long face and did not look at Chen Ning.  He suddenly jumped off the roof and flew in the air.  Just like a white cloud, he used his martial arts and disappeared without a trace.

Chen Ning was stunned.

This damn arrogant fellow, he actually really left her here.  He had left her all alone on this high roof.

There was nothing she could do since she didn’t know qing gong.  Was he trying to leave her in a dire strait?

“Stinky little brat!  Chu Shao Bai, you are stinky little brat that won’t grow up!”

She was so mad that she couldn’t help cursing.

“Try calling me that again!”

Suddenly a sinister and sad voice came from behind her.

Chen Ning suddenly turned around and almost hit that person’s nose.  That person was very close, close enough for her to see the other side’s anger filled eyes.

“You…..Why did you come back?  She was happy and surprised, completely ignoring his anger.  

“I’ve said it before, if you call me stinky little brat again, I will…..”  He grinded his teeth as he spoke.  He looked down and his eyes fell onto her slightly open red lips.

Chen Ning was so filled with regret that she almost bit off her own tongue.

She saw how he was looking at her lips and then she saw his adam’s apple gently moving a bit.

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