Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Stepping over everything

Chen Ning couldn’t help rolling her eyes as she stood there speechless.

This beautiful young man seemed like he was crazy.  He seemed like he was madly entangled by her to the point where he was even sneaking into her room in the middle of the night.  She could not understand, what did he want?

Was it as innocent as wanting to paint on her face?  Or did he want revenge for the slap from last time?

“How did you get in?”  Chen Ning couldn’t help staring at him with a questioning gaze.

She had clearly checked and locked all the windows and doors.  Had this young man come in from the sky?

The beautiful young man seemed to have guessed what she was thinking as he smiled and said, “Not to mention this place, even if it was the guarded imperial mansion, I would still be able to get in.”

“Really?  I don’t believe you.”  Chen Ning shook her head.

She saw that the latches on the door and windows were still fine, they hadn’t been moved at all.  This young man seemed like he really had come from the sky, but that would be too strange.

“He, he, you don’t believe me?  Alright, I’ll bring you to take a look then.”

After his voice fell, the beautiful young man suddenly rushed up beside Chen Ning.  His movement was as fast as a gust of wind.

Chen Ning only saw a flicker and then an arm was wrapped around her waist.

That beautiful young man gently poked her body and stopped Chen Ning from shouting out.

He gave a faint smile and then began to fly in the air.  With a wave of his sleeve, the two of them flew up towards the ceiling.  Then she saw that there was a hole there that was perfectly shaped for two people.

Chen Ning’s eyes stared wide as she finally figured out just how this beautiful young man had entered her room.

She kept squirming, but she made sure that he would truly fall out of the sky!

The beautiful young man held her by the waist and carried her just like a little baby.  He stepped onto the roof and then activated his qinggong as he moved across the roofs, going from one house to the next.

Chen Ning’s eyes opened wide in surprise.  She was now flying through the sky as the wind whistled past her ears.

Under the moonlight, she could clearly see the roofs, trees, and flowers that quickly passed by below her.  She was not the slightest bit afraid and was actually filled with a strange excitement.

So this was the feeling of freely flying through the sky!

So this was the legendary qinggong!

Chen Ning forgot about her dislike for the beautiful young man and wholeheartedly enjoyed this wonderful experience.

She didn’t know where this beautiful young man wanted to bring her.  She only knew that she was far away from the King Ding Yuan’s palace and was currently standing on a high roof.

Standing here, she looked down on the entire capital city.  It was as if the entire city was under her feet.

The beautiful young man released his hand from around Chen Ning and then unblocked the point he had pressed.  He smiled and said, “If you accidentally fall down, I won’t save you.”

Chen Ning fiercely stared at him, but she was quickly attracted by the beauty in front of her.  She couldn’t be bothered to argue with him.

In the night, the capital city seemed like it was covered in a hazy white gauze.  It was just like a beautiful young girl whose looks were covered in a mysterious veil, which somehow made it even more arousing.

The buildings around her were beautiful.  Although the night was dark, they still looked dignified, grand, solemn, and majestic.

“Is the imperial palace below us?”  She pensively looked down at the building below the ridge.  It seemed like the young man had not lied you her, he had really brought her to the imperial palace.

“That’s right.”  The beautiful young man deprecatingly looked at it, “It’s not that great, but if you like it, I can bring you here everyday.”

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