Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 731

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Chapter 731: Wind blowing

“Mo Chuan, why suffer!  Mo Chuan, why suffer!”

She slowly reached out her finger and and smoothed the wrinkles on his brow as she muttered in her heart.  Slowly lowering her head, she touched foreheads with him and closed her eyes as her tears could not help flowing down.

“Mo Chuan, you are really silly, don’t you know that?  Why are you this silly?” She slowly said in a soft and gentle voice.  Raising her head, she looked at his pale white face.

Naturally Mo Chuan did not respond.  He was still unconscious and did not know she was beside him at all.

“My heart is already yours, my body….naturally is also yours.  You can have it whenever you want, you know that I’m willing, so why are you so silly?  Why would you use your internal energy to save me? You clearly could have…..” Her throat choked up and her tears kept flowing.  It slid down her face and fell onto his face, sliding down into his white lips.

“I know that you did everything for me.  You were not willing to force yourself onto me.  You always understood and respected me, but…..I still blame you because you are too foolish!  Why can’t you understand my heart at all!”

She held his face with her hands and deeply gazed at him, “You’re willing to do this for me, so I am also willing to do this for you.  Mo Chuan, I will remember everything you have done for me and will never forget it! I have failed you, but you did not blame me and did all this for me.  What do you want me to use to repay you? Mo Chuan, I, Chen Ning swear in this moment that no matter what happens, I will never leave you, I want to be with you in this life.  Even through blades and axes, I will never leave your side! I…..I am set on you!”

She spoke in a soft voice because she didn’t have much strength, but each word was filled with her determination.

From the moment she saw him lying in bed with that pale face, she had already made this decision.

He could do all of this for her, why couldn’t she respond to him with this?

This was why she was moved by Mo Chuan and the reason why she couldn’t love Chu Shao Yang since the beginning.

No matter what happened, Mo Chuan would always put her first and deeply respect her.  He placed her in his palm to protect and love her, not like Chu Shao Yang. He would never try to possess her and lock her up!

Zhui Feng stood behind the door.  He did not dare secretly watch them, but he had heard each and every one of her words, causing his eyes to begin feeling sore.

He looked up at the red sun penetrating through the clouds and he couldn’t help thinking that the emperor did not pay this price in vain.  He was able to dig out a girl’s sincere confession like this. Ai, he would be blessed if he could have this kind of thing. If there was a girl that promised to stay with him for his life, how good would that be……

His face that had no expressions suddenly began to feel warm and his heart that was like an old well without any waves suddenly filled with ripples.

The spring wind blew and turned the pool into spring waters.

While Zhui Feng was feeling whimsical, had come over with a freshly concocted bowl of medicine.  When he saw Zhui Feng, he rushed over and called to him.

“Zhui Feng, quickly have a taste of this medicine!”

Zhui Feng trembled as he came back to his senses.  When he saw doctor Zhang’s bowl of medicine, his heart fluttered.

“Doctor Zhang, are you using me to test this medicine?”  He was filled with indignation as he spoke in a voice of suppressed anger.

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