Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 732

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Chapter 732: If you can’t save it, you’ll be buried with it

Doctor Zhang rolled his eyes at him before snapping, “Stinky brat, don’t be someone who doesn’t know their blessings.  This old man is only allowing you to test it because I have a good view of you. If this medicine really can supplement internal energy, it will be of great benefit to you.”

“What!  Supplement internal energy?”  Zhui Feng’s eyes shined with excitement and his eyes were trembling as he went to take the bowl of medicine, ”Doctor Zhang, thank you for giving this subordinate this chance.”

Doctor Zhang snorted before giving the bowl to him.  He then added, “If you feel any stomach aches, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, or anything else, it is not related to this old man.”

These words made  the excited Zhui Feng suddenly break out in a cold sweat.

He had a tearful face as he said, “Doctor Zhang, you…..”

“If you’re not willing, this old man will find someone else to try it.”  Doctor Zhang was unmoved.

“Alright, I’ll try it, I’ll try it!”  Zhui Feng gritted his teeth and steeled his heart as he drank the entire bowl.

He felt the hot liquid run down his throat before charging into his body.  It quickly turned into a stream of heat as it ran through his limbs.

“Ah!”  He was shocked and couldn’t help letting out a gasp.  Following this, he sat down cross legged and cycles his internal energy.  He used his internal energy to guide this current of heat and it slowly left his limbs to condense into true qi.

After a while, he jumped up from the ground with a look of wild happiness on his face.  He excitedly grabbed doctor Zhang’s hand.

“Doctor Zhang, this medicine…..It truly is a miracle medicine!  I…..I actually broke through my bottleneck! This bottleneck had stumped me for three months!”  He was very excited as he spoke incoherently.

“Stinky brat, let go.  Since this medicine is of use, this old man will concoct another portion for the emperor.”  Doctor Zhang cast Zhui Feng off before quickly leaving.

Zhui Feng in the yard excitedly ran around the trees.  He felt like his limbs were filled with energy and he really needed to vent it.

He couldn’t help sending out a palm at a tree and then sending another palm.

In just a little bit, there was a pile of leaves under the tree.

“Ah!  My ginkgo tree!”  A cry suddenly came from behind him.

Zhui Feng quickly turned and saw doctor Zhang with a hurt expression on his face…..That tree had been played with by him until it was completely bare.

“You little brat, compensate me for my ginkgo tree!  This tree was personally planted by me and my wife when we became married, but you…..You actually hit it to look like this!”  Doctor Zhang’s eyes went red and he charged at Zhui Feng with gritted teeth. His hands were still holding a steaming hot bowl of medicine.

Zhui Feng dodged in a panic.  He dodged doctor Zhang, while making sure that he didn’t touch the medicine in his hand.

“Doctor Zhang, an old person shouldn’t be angry.  I’ll compensate you, I’ll compensate you for your tree.  First calm down and give the medicine to the emperor!” Zhui Feng helplessly shouted.

“That’s right, the emperor!”  Doctor Zhang suddenly came to his senses and stopped moving while panting.  He wickedly looked at Zhui Feng, “Brat, if you can’t save this old man’s ginkgo tree, this old man will bury you with it!”

He said this with angry snorts before entering the room with the bowl of medicine.

Zhui Feng could only given a bitter laugh.  No matter what, he didn’t dare offend this old doctor anymore.

“Princess Consort, the medicine is effective…..”  Before doctor Zhang finished, Chen Ning already cut him off.

“Un, I know.  I’ll feed him.”  Chen Ning had already heard everything the two of them had said.  She took the bowl of medicine from doctor Zhang and tested the temperature with her lips.

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