Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 730

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Chapter 730: Ancient book’s secret prescription

The clothes were too big and they didn’t fit her body.  The colour was dark, but it made her look even more exquisite, just like a crystal.  That slender waist that swayed like a willow dancing on the wind as she walked over.

Doctor Zhang couldn’t help rubbing his old eyes and felt like he was looking at an illusion.  He felt like his dead wife had come back to life and became young again. No, no, no, even if it was his young wife, she was not this beautiful.  He had recognized the wrong person.

“Where’s the emperor?”  Chen Ning asked Zhui Feng.

Zhui Feng came back to his senses and pointed at the room to the side.  He couldn’t help giving a reminder, “Princess Consort, the emperor has spent a lot of true qi and can’t be disturbed right now.  You should still…..”

“I know.”  Chen Ning tilted her head to think, “Doctor Zhang, I’ve read a few medical books before and I remember a prescription from the book, perhaps it can restore internal energy.  Take a look, does it seem like it can be used?”

Doctor Zhang was stunned for a bit before he said, “A prescription for supplementing internal energy?  Princess, please say it.”

He was thinking in his heart: I have lived for this long and even if I haven’t read ten thousand medical scrolls, I have still read at least seven-eight thousand of them and have never heard of a recipe for supplementing internal energy.  The Princess Consort is only seventeen and even if she has read several medical books, how could there be this kind of recipe? Most likely it is just empty words and cannot be counted on at all.

So, he couldn’t help revealing a look of contempt.

Chen Ning saw his doubt on his face, but she didn’t care.  She slowly recited a medical recipe.

She had seen this recipe in an ancient book and felt it was interesting back then, so she memorized it.  As for its efficacy, she did not have internal energy, so she didn’t know.

Doctor Zhang was familiar with the properties of medicinal herbs, so hearing the names of the herbs, he began to speculate on its treatment value.  He had disagreement on his face at first because the herbs listed by Chen Ning were all unremarkable herbs that were extremely common. If eating these herbs could supplement internal energy, the world would have no meaning.

“Milkvetch…..Chrysanthemum……Obako…..”  But the more he pondered it, the more he felt that this medical recipe was not as simple as he thought it was.

Although these herbs were normal, they had never been used together like this.  Perhaps this recipe really did have a large use?

“Princess Consort, this…..Where did you obtain this medical recipe?”  The more he considered it, the more likely it was. He couldn’t help becoming excited and his voice even slightly trembled.

I’ve read it in a book.  Doctor Zhang, do you feel this recipe will be useful?”

“It seems…..like….it should work!”  The excitement in doctor Zhang’s eyes couldn’t be concealed as he quickly rushed into the medical room, “Princess Consort, please wait, this old will follow this prescription.  Perhaps this recipe really will work!”

Chen Ning did not stand there waiting.  She went to the door and slightly opened it, looking at Mo Chuan lying on the bed.

His eyes were closed as he silently laid there on the bed.  Although his face did have a bit of colour to it, it still looked very haggard, like he was suffering from a serious illness.

Her heart suddenly trembled as pain filled her heart.  Her eyes became warm, her nose became sour, and a few tears dripped down her face.

She moved gently, almost not making a single sound.  When she arrived in front of the bed, she kneeled down beside him and looked at him without turning.

His deep, silent eyes were tightly closed and his slender brows were slightly knit.  His lips were pale without any blood which hurt her heart when she saw this.

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