Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 712

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Chapter 712: The most dangerous place

Where were they hiding?

Chu Shao Yang’s guess wasn’t right.  Chu Shao Bai and Zhui Feng had not left the palace, rather they were hiding right beneath his eyes.

The place that was the most dangerous was also the safest place.

When Chu Shao Yang appeared, Zhui Feng and Chu Shao Bai hiding in the darkness looked at each other.  Zhui Feng looked at Chu Shao Bai with eyes filled with admiration.

King Jing An was truly smart, coming up with such a clever trick.

Not long after the fire was lit, Chu Shao Yang who they couldn’t find had appeared.

Chu Shao Bai looked at Zhui Feng who immediately understood.  He sniffed the air and then headed in the direction of the garden.

The entire palace was filled with chaos at this time and everyone ran around fighting the fire.  Adding in their high level of qinggong, no one discovered them as they found the secret passage inside the hill.

The two of them entered the passage and went straight forward.  Although Chu Shao Yang had left secret guards in the passage to guard Chen Ning, how could they be a match for Chu Shao Bai and Zhui Feng.  They all had their acupuncture points poked as they fell down like salted fish.

The two of them arrived in front of the stone door.  Chu Shao Bai’s heart couldn’t help beat fast as he already guessed that Chen Ning was locked up inside.

He pushed hard, but it wouldn’t move.

Zhui Feng quickly took out a key from the chest of the secret guard and put it in before turning it.  The stone door made a click sound as it slowly began to open.

Chu Shao Bai immediately saw the pool of blood on the floor and the two severed fingers, causing his heart to twist.

“Ning’er!”  He loudly shouted as he charged in.  He quickly saw Chen Ning lying on the bed.

Her face was like a march peach blossom, so red that it seemed like it was bleeding, but her lips were cracked.  Her eyes were closed, her brows were tightly knit, and the blanket tightly grasped around her was trembling without stop, it was like she was enduring a great deal of pain.

Chu Shao Bai’s heart filled with a strong pain.

Third brother really did cut her!  Third brother really vented the anger he felt on her body.

She could clearly hear his voice, but she did not open her eyes like she had already fainted.

Chu Shao Bai charged over and did not even think as he ripped off the blanket covering her.  He wanted to see where she was injured because he had been scared by the two severed fingers and the pool of blood on the ground.

When the blanket was pulled aside, skin that was like white jade appeared in front of his eyes that instantly made him stunned.

She was only wearing close fitting inner clothes.  Her skin was as delicate as porcelain and had a faint blush to it.  When the candlelight shined on her skin, tiny beads of sweat rolled down her skin like dew drops, reflecting the bright light.

“Ah!”  Chu Shao Bai let out a shocked gasp.  He quickly felt his throat turn dry and his breathing become faster.

He immediately realized that he shouldn’t be looking.  He bound the blanket over her body and tightly tied it.

But even like this, his heart had almost jumped out of his chest as it was wildly beating.

He never would have thought that she would look like this under the blanket.  He immediately realized that the reason why she was like this must be because of his third brother!

It had to be done by his third brother!

His heart filled with flames of rage, but when he looked at the fingers on the ground, his heart turned cold again.  He had been in a rush just now and did not see if she was injured or not.

“Ning’er, Ning’er!”  He shouted beside her ear.  Then he reached his hand into the quilt and found her arm.  Pulling out one hand and seeing it, his heart fell down halfway.

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