Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Giving back as good as one gets

Xiao Ru’s large, round eyes looked at Chen Ning with a questioning gaze.

Although she did not know what plans the young miss had, she did know that the second miss and his highness would be in for some bad luck soon.

But, what was the young miss planning to do?

Chun Tao and Xia He’s skills were quite good.  The water chestnut cakes they made was fragrant and delicious, it melted as soon as it went into one’s mouth.

“Princess, the water chestnut cake you taught us to make is truly delicious.  This servant has never eaten such a delicious water chestnut cake before.”

Xia He’s voice was rather sweet as she quickly spoke.

Chun Tao couldn’t help saying a few words as well, but she had to admit that Xia He wasn’t just giving out flattery and was speaking the truth.

“This servant believes that his highness and the concubine consort will never be able to eat such delicious water chestnut cake!”

Chun Tao remembered that there was water chestnut cake on the breakfast menu.  She had thought that the princess had her and Xia He make these water chestnut cakes because she was angry.

She had thought that she had figured out Chen Ning’s thoughts, but she didn’t expect Chen Ning to smile and shake her head.

“It’s always more fun with more people.  Since you guys all said that the water chestnut cakes with chestnut powder in them is very delicious, how could this princess keep it all to herself?  Xia He, you should give this recipe to the kitchen.  Also, we can’t eat all of these water chestnut cakes, so give some to them to eat.”

Chen Ning pointed to the pastries on the table.

“Yes.  The princess is such a generous person, they will definitely be grateful to the princess.” Chun Tao and Xia He excitedly promised and immediately took the water chestnut cakes away.

They did not think too deeply about it and only assumed that it was the princess’ way of buying people’s hearts.

But Chen Ning smiled with satisfaction.

She had to give back as good as she was given.

Chu Shao Yang, Chen Bi Yun, this is a present for you from me, I hope you will like this return present from me.  Just thinking about it is already making me excited.

She lazily gave a yawn.

“Xiao Ru, it’s quite late.  Let’s go take a bath and go sleep.”

After Chen Ning finished washing up, she remembered the evil charming youth that visited her last night.  She went to check every window and door, making sure that each window was firmly locked.  She even placed two latches on the door just to be safe.

When Xiao Ru saw Chen Ning’s strange behaviour, she couldn’t help becoming anxious and saying, “Young miss, are you afraid that a thief will come and steal our silver bills?  How about this servant stays up tonight and guards the silver bills?  I won’t let any thieves take them!”

Chen Ning smiled and pinched her nose, “Silly girl, what I want to keep away isn’t just a simple thief.  Just obediently go to sleep.  It’s only just a thousand silver coins, this miss will take you to earn even more tomorrow.”

Once Xiao Ru heard that they were going to make more money tomorrow, her eyes began to light up.

She cheerfully agreed and lied down on the bed, quickly falling asleep.

But Chen Ning lied on the bed and continued to turn, unable to fall asleep.  She finally began to fall asleep around 3 am.

She did not know how long she slept, but she suddenly felt a strange presence and awoke from her dream.

There was nothing but darkness in front of her.

Before she had gone to bed, she had specially lit a candle in front of her bed, but now she had no idea where that candle went.

The room was filled with silence.

There was only Xiao Ru’s rhythmic breathing beside her, who continued sleeping.

But Chen Ning could feel that something was wrong.

She suddenly raised her hand and felt her cheek.  She felt something wet and cool, that gave off a faint ink smell.


She didn’t even think before scolding, “Stinky little brat, come out now!”

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